Hi all! I'm a trans woman and PhD student in linguistics at Stanford working on a project about voice feminization, one that I think might make a big splash. If you have feminized your voice, I would love to speak with you about the possibility of participating! You can reach me here or at Thanks!

@lily helo im transbian ur cute and I just wanted to say that

@Efi @lily
girl: “Hello I am here for science.”
gay girl: “hello i am gay”

@lily Hiya, trans woman here who has feminized her voice and considering vocal surgery further. Happy to offer my time if its of any use 💜

@mxsiege hey! That would be sooo awesome! Let's definitely chat about that. How would you feel about recording yourself reading a passage in your feminized voice as well as in your old voice?

@mxsiege Do you happen to know how to record in .wav using Audacity or something similar?

@lily Yeah, I've got some audio recording equipment thats normally for film stuff that i can use and can get it to you in wav format

@mxsiege AWESOME. Do you have an email address that I can send some instructions to?

@lily Also hope its ok, my original voice is british, while my feminized voice is.. british but kinda got there via the san fernando valley

@lily Greetings, fellow linguist! Trans femme nonbinary individual. I would be happy to talk!

@QwyrdoAD yayyy! what kind of linguistics do you do?

@lily I've had kind of mixed success here- my singing range extends up to the top of contralto now, and I can pass vocally for short periods, but I can't really keep it up/have mixed feelings about sacrificing large & expressive parts of my range to do it. so like, for the most part, when I'm singing I pass, and I get clocked when I talk

@lily "I can pass vocally for short periods" ... that is, when I talk. I can sing in my upper range indefinitely

@byttyrs That's fine! Why don't you email me and I can let you know about how to participate?

@lily @byttyrs Interesting; for me it's quite the opposite. My speaking voice has always been a bit high, but after 1st puberty my singing voice dropped from soprano to tenor-baritone.

I'm sure with practice I could achieve countertenor, but at the moment I haven't a strong impetus to put in the effort.

@QwyrdoAD I was a choir kid, and REALLY dysphoric about losing my singing voice- as an adolescent I put a lot of effort into developing my falsetto countertenor for some years, then gave up, and in the last year or so have been developing my upper singing range in modal voice/fullvoice

@lily Not me, but someone you might like to get in touch with is radio presenter Stephanie Hirst, the first trans woman to have a daily radio show on the BBC. She had a very popular show pre-transition on commercial radio.

She can be reached on birdsite @stephaniehirst or via her employer, BBC Radio Leeds (who can easily be found).

@iona Thanks for that info! Has her voice changed a lot over the years?

@lily Yes - she sounds completely different now than she did on her previous station a few years ago.

@iona Wow, that's great. That might be a really interesting archive to explore.

@lily Hey ! Welcome to the fediverse ! I'd be very interested to read about your voice feminization project. I'm still in the process of feminizing my voice so I don't know if you'd be interested but I'd also love to participate if that can help : )

@alice Definitely interested! How would you feel about emailing me so I can send more details?

@lily hey, I've trained it a lot and I think the results are really great ( I also hold talks on the topic, so if you want to chat... :)

@leah I do want to chat! Do you have an email I can reach you at?

@starkatt Thank you! I will respond after the weekend :)

@lily hate to be the cis white guy butting in. But I'd also hate to miss the opportunity to boost her.
You should reach out to Laura Kate Dale
She does a lot of podcasts, and I bet she could give you some interesting input for your project.

She has also been very public about her transformation, which is why I think she'll be interested in talking to you.

@lily FYI, I shared your toot with the #transfeminine channel on, which is a pretty cool space for LGBTQIA+ (alphabet soup!) folks in tech (and science)

It sounds super interesting; would you mind talking a bit more about what's the project?

@kellerfuchs Wow, awesome, thanks! The project is in a pilot stage right now, but I'm thinking of looking at particular features of the voice in an attempt to see what's actually going on with voice feminization, stylistically and physiologically. That way we get more research outside of the context of speech pathology and we work toward a more descriptive account of the practices of trans women, which most people don't consider, or if they do they consider it in a kind of demeaning way.

@lily Oh, this sounds very very good.

Thanks a lot for working on this, and I hope to hear more as it gets going :3

@lily I’m in the early stages so it’s a work in progress, but if you’re looking for that too I don’t mind helping

@lily I am very interested in the subject of the voice feminization, and I would like to know more about your work. Would it be possible?
Whatever it is, I hope it can have a big impact and improve many lives!

@lily Maybe this is helpful? I recorded myself saying the same line every day that I practiced my voice for the first few months back in 2013: (I should have chosen a more sensible phrase to say, but oh well) I didn't have any formal training.

@brianna THIS IS EXTREMELY HELPFUL!!! Do you have an email I can reach you at? Would love to talk more.

@lily Hi, do you mind if I screencap and crosspost this to my (locked) Twitter? I think I have some friends over there that might be interested.

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