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Hello, I'm Jessica. I have the following interests:

πŸ”Ήsecond life
πŸ”Ήrhythm/music games
πŸ”Ήretro video games
πŸ”Ήinternet culture
πŸ”Ήweb design
πŸ”Ήsocial networking
πŸ”Ήand many more!



One of my avatars in is this bunny bot.

Primary hardware is Nanite System's NS-115 'Scout' controller. Includes shoulder mounted light, extensible handles, power information panel, and armed with the NS-822Y 'Mandate'.

More about Nanite Systems:

The Firefly 2 I ordered arrived in 2 days. It's going to replace my Volcano and I'm happy with it so far. For a single person, the Volcano isn't very cost effective. At least they hold their value and resell well.

My checkpoint was returned today by someone who doesn't like to have fun, so I let them know what I think about people that don't like to have fun.

Baku region in

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