It's pretty sick to celebrate old people being killed off by the virus. That's some eugenics bullshit.

It's not funny. It's not cute. It's disgusting.

Laugh about Trump and the bourgeoisie all you want, that's justice, but "boomers" are not our enemies.


This is the result of the bullshit generational warfare propaganda crap.

Celebrating the deaths of old people, *most of whom will be poor, because that's how this fucking shit works*, is absolutely fucking twisted!

Knock it the fuck off, assholes!

Why are old people more conservative? Because radicals tend to be oppressed, and due to this they die younger!

Who's going to die?

Mostly people without access to medical care or other resources!

And so the cycle continues!

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coronavirus, eugenics 

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coronavirus, eugenics 

coronavirus, eugenics 

@lesbianhacker I've only seen people celebrate some dictators getting down with the sickness.

@maloki It's not always explicit celebration, but I have seen several posts going around wishing old people would die. Two come to mind immediately, one about hoping old people die before November (US Elections) and one about kids calling coronavirus "The Boomer Remover" with the caption "The Kids Are Alright".

I haven't seen more than one other person on the fediverse mention that hey, maybe wishing old people would die is kinda fucked up!

@funnypanja I don't understand what you're asking, or if it's supposed to be rhetorical then I don't know what you mean


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