Thinking about going to 2.0, which includes auto follow-back for faster federation, but still doesn't seem to have any ability to report comments.

Seems irresponsible to make it easier to automate connections (meaning absolutely no review is necessary) while having no way to deal with comments.

Still disappointed that the best they've got for CW is to blur the whole video and title and let you hover over the video to see the title in a tool tip.

But there's been a lot of progress on other fronts, and even on the moderation front (reporting videos from other platforms was broken, that's fixed). But it would be nice if some of the more fancy, technical upgrades got shelved for a bit in favor of better CW.

@lesbianhacker I've been exploring peertube a bit over the last week or so (@usonian) and there's a lot to like, but boy oh boy is there a lot of problematic content, in terms of "just reposting other peoples' IP from youtube" and "toxic radicalizing BS."

And say what you will about youtube, your search results are never smattered with random porn. 😐


@mayor @usonian I follow you! I really appreciate having people posting their own stuff, especially cool stuff like you post. I don't really care about IP, but PeerTube really is cluttered with a bunch of junk.

And that's because it doesn't have good moderation tools! People don't want to use it, especially not if they're going to see, as you put it, a smattering of random porn, or worse the Christchurch shooting (I've personally blacklisted like four accounts for posting that video) or just slurs... is decent about it, there's still porn but *only* if it's marked as sensitive, and the bigoted stuff gets taken down as soon as we see it...

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