eventually @communistquotes will stop posting weird quotes that have nothing to do with communism

american psycho business card scene but theyre talking about their podcasts

I don't need theory, I've watched all the barn Steven Universe episodes

I ate a shit ton of sugar today and I'm fucking dying, I feel like shit

I hate being hydrated because I have to piss *all time time*

i have been promoted to sapphire league in duolingo... i am fighting off hordes of lustful suitors as i type this toot

I decided to skip the whole damn thing after part one, I was literally falling asleep

This biography of Emma Goldman is so fucking boring, it's just a list of events

How do Air BnB hosts compare to landlords, in the context of Marxist analysis? How do hotel owners? Are they just landlords for short term tenants?

Thanks to @emacsomancer for forwarding to me this article about "demetrification" of social media wired.com/story/internet-healt (not showing like counts, follower counts, etc) and how dramatically user behavior is changed when we do expose these things.

On BoingBoing: boingboing.net/2019/09/12/flic

I like to think of myself as someone who doesn't vague post, but since my posts get boosted it becomes vague out of the context of my own post history lmao

A whole bunch of my recent photography is now up on sophia.pictures - I don't really have a particular focus or direction at the moment, duck appreciation aside, but that's likely to change with fall coming in and the forest changing colour. There's a bit of a back catalogue on there too 😊

Not all anarchists are liberals, and not all "Marxists" aren't liberals.

Calling an idea liberal doesn't mean the person who believes it is a liberal (necessarily), and saying an idea is supported by liberals doesn't mean that the idea is (necessarily) liberal.

I don't call people liberals lightly. People do tend to assume I'm calling them a liberal more often than I actually am.

I spilled oatmeal on my pants and sweater and just noticed and it looks real gross

uninstalling the phone app on my phone, boost if you agree

Mockery of Liberal Anarchists 

opening profiles and seeing bdsm headers while at work 😬

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