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A while back I found an article that briefly explains various Marxist-Leninist terms, and it helped me a lot. I think it could help a lot of people.

The website appears to be down, but it has been archived! Thanks to @diorama for sending me the archived link!

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I've got a playlist that I've been adding to over time with all the cute animal videos on PeerTube...

It's got cats, birds, alpaca, chipmunks, etc

getting banned from the local Walmart for telling all the Vietnam vets that I like their participation trophies

I don't know how else to explain it to ya, Mark... there ain't one 'true' socialism. different material conditions, cultures and periods in time call for different kinds of revolution. All contradictions are not the same.

Listen, man. any existin' socialism is an experiment and we must show support for those nations in their fight against imperialism.

Mark, listen, I gotta go. Boss is houndin' my ass. Go read some Mao like I told you before.

lewd politics 

The Democrats are fans of orgasm denial, when they win an election you're almost there and then they leave you hanging

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lewd politics 

a vote for Biden is a vote for cock and ball torture

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lewd politics 

vote blue balls no matter who

You could try to argue that the New York Times et al are a good source for news on China of course. You could try that.

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Lots of people need to learn that you can't prove something doesn't exist, so demanding sources for the claim that something doesn't exist is ridiculous.

If you're so certain that something exists and you want to convince people then it's your job to provide sources. If you have no sources (or only bad sources) then you should probably consider being more skeptical and not demand people believe what you believe.

I know this logical rule is associated with cringey atheists but please for the love of god learn basic logic.

You can literally commit treason in the United States and have only minor consequences, so long as you're a white supremacist.

Matt Shea isn't running in this year's elections bc the GOP has made it very clear they don't like him (it took a literal Christian War manifesto calling for the mass execution of non Christians) but he's a pastor and leader of the Spokane chapter of ACT! For America (an Islamophobic hate group that works with Homeland Security and anti terrorism task forces).

He still has firm grasp on political power even if he isn't embedded in state politics.

He will continue pushing his fascist agenda and probably be replaced by someone who believes 99% of the same things he does, but who has been groomed to not make the GOP look quite so fascist.

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Seeing my post hating on the PNW and remembering that Matt Shea is a known conspirator and participant in 3 right wing armed takeovers of various government areas and helped train literal children to be child warriors for an evangelical Christian war where anyone who opposes Christian law is executed and he's so bad that the GOP in Washington fired him from all non elected positions...

And he's a State Representative for Spokane County.

Progressive Utopia PNW ftw amirite

alienated from our children, alienated from our neighbors, alienated from our parents, we must work work work and the fact that we should be taking care of each other is swept under the rug

I don't know how much of this is the same as what Rico posted back when they were making run or Biden, I forgot for a second that this had already been done lol

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A revolution is a dinner party, writing an essay, painting a picture, doing embroidery; it is refined, so leisurely and gentle, so temperate, kind, courteous, restrained and magnanimous. A revolution is not an insurrection, an act of violence, but an act by which one class votes to take power from another.

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even fucking discord is better than zoom

change my mind

I would like to learn more about Vietnam and the Vietnam War (from a Vietnamese communist perspective ideally)

I have no idea where to start looking for this, other than maybe reading stuff by Ho Chi Minh. Anybody have suggestions?

cat, I'm a kitty cat
and I dance dance dance
and I dance dance dance [wink]

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