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Today the Denver Police arrested several comrades on false charges.

I'm going to repost the official thread on this, verbatim, below.

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**On the ballot in Washington State!**

**Gloria La Riva For President!**

*Our 10-Point Program:*
1. Make human needs guaranteed rights.
2. Combat the climate crisis.
3. End racism and police brutality.
4. Full rights for immigrants.
5. Shut down all US Military Bases.
6. Honor Native Treaties - Free Leonard Peltier!
7. Full LGBTQ Rights.
8. Women's Equality.
9. Defend our unions.
10. Seize the wealth! Jail Wall Street Criminals.

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Of course nobody really wanted to play competitive games with me either because they'd 360 no scope me 25 times in a row and get bored

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I just remembered any time I hung out with people growing up they wanted to play video games, but specifically single player games, and they'd play first, and we'd trade off each time we died. Which meant that I got to sit there for an hour watching my friend wander Mario around, and then I got to die instantly because I'm bad at games, ad infinitum

any time I see the name Ted Kaczynski it immediately makes me think Mike Wozowski and I get confused

lewd joke 

A really horny man goes around offering hand jobs to people while they're at work.

You might call him a jack off all trades.

I got my flu shot and you should too.°

°unless you are physically unable, I understand

Pienso en anprimos ... nunca. gracias por me entiendes.

son aburridos.

pero la broma de flowless sobre la tía de los anprimos... excelente

That's the end of the vertabim copy.

Here's the livestream link, it's over but I think it's possible to watch them afterwards too:

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We know that every social movement in the past has faced such repression and we will stand up to face it again. We will fight, and we will win.

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This type of repression is now being used in practically every city in the country to put down one of the largest protest movements in U.S. history. The Denver organizers could be any of us, and we all must stand together.

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The military has admitted to attempting to use sound cannons and heat rays to disperse crowds on June 1st in Washington, D.C. Federal police broke the law by firing tear gas and smoke canisters with no warning.

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This attack on the Denver anti-racist movement and the PSL is part of a concerted national assault on the Black Lives Matter movement, an attack driven directly from the White House, from Governor’s mansions, and from local police chiefs and police departments around the country.

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These organizers have worked closely with other activists and family members of local police brutality victims to amplify their cases. They have committed no crimes, but only devoted themselves to the struggle for justice! That is why they have been targeted and rounded up today.

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