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If anyone wants to comission me to do data visualization or data analysis of some kind hmu because I kinda need cash money.

I'm serious, even though I know almost nobody needs this skill.

If you need someone to design a database application I can do that too.

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It's pretty sick to celebrate old people being killed off by the virus. That's some eugenics bullshit.

It's not funny. It's not cute. It's disgusting.

Laugh about Trump and the bourgeoisie all you want, that's justice, but "boomers" are not our enemies.

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I've got a playlist that I've been adding to over time with all the cute animal videos on PeerTube...

It's got cats, birds, alpaca, chipmunks, etc

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I just found an article that briefly explains various Marxist-Leninist terms, and it helped me a lot. I think it could help a lot of people.

When I asked if I could wear the mask the GM gave me a curt "yeah" and didn't look at me. Other people were confused bc the schedule manager told them they couldn't in the last few days. She didn't say shit to me though.

Loving my reputation, except for the currently only getting 3 hours per week thing

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There was a strike in Tampa because the managers refused to allow the McDonald's workers to wear masks and gloves. I know I won't get that kind of support so I hope the managers just let me fucking wear the mask.

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fast food, where dozens of people who come into contact with hundreds of people breathe on your food because we can't hold our breath for our whole shift!

wearing a mask scares the customers uwu

For anyone curious, these are from the Washington State Health Department (United States)

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I missed a difference lmao, I'm not very good at eye spy games.

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Spot the difference in these official health department posters! (The captions are probably a giveaway)

(CW for vomit and other illnesses)

Each poster has text that reads: Would you want these people in your kitchen? Then why would you go to work sick? Protect People Everywhere, Stay Home When You Are Sick

"Maybe killing rich dudes for a living disconnects you from reality..."

Something that would be so so nice...

mute feature on every platform

I'm searching for jobs. There are companies I will never, ever work for. Fuck those guys. Let me never see their postings ever again.

YouTube would also greatly benefit from this (PeerTube has this feature)

I'm the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

You gotta be more careful whose political questions you boost because a Vote Blue No Matter Who asshole is trying to spread a poll to make Bernie Voters look bad by making it seem like Bernie voters are more invested in spite than getting a fascist out of office.

He dodged my pointing out that Biden is as bad by just pointing out bad things Trump has done recently, ignoring the fact that Biden is evil in a dozen other ways as well as the same ways.

Also he's from the fucking UK saying he supports anyone who isn't Trump for office, like a complete asshole schmuck

Let they who has not posted cringe throw the first stone

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me: "I made a reply to your post, but it wasn't really funny."
gf: "Of course it wasn't funny, you made it."

I've been fucking roasted


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