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I've got a playlist that I've been adding to over time with all the cute animal videos on PeerTube...

It's got cats, birds, alpaca, chipmunks, etc

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I just found an article that briefly explains various Marxist-Leninist terms, and it helped me a lot. I think it could help a lot of people.

"This is why if you go hiking in the woods or anyplace you might get lost or stranded, it's a smart idea to bring along a short length of fiber optic cable. If you get into trouble, just bury the cable. A backhoe will be along in a few minutes to dig it up, and you can just ask the driver for a ride back to civilization."

Zootopia AU where Judy Hopps has a more respectable profession like petty thief or small-time con artist.

rubbing two sticks together and smiling as the anprims begin to sweat nervously


The Manjaro package manager is stuck... it won't update my computer... I didn't want to have to use the command line to update, I was trying to be a Casual Linux User, but whatever

I've seen people claim nobody called strikes ableist until the Amazon strikes... that's not true, it happens during nurses strikes... but it's possible that the rhetoric became more well accepted post Amazon Prime Strike/Boycott

I'm sure it's been written about before, does anyone have anything I can read/listen/watch that either supports or criticizes the idea that strikes are ableist?

Or related information, it doesn't have to be that the whole strike is ableist.

Trying to come up with a coherent, more or less comprehensive analysis of recent strikes, esp. where the storefronts are online.

Linda coming in with a strong contender for Tweet of the Decade just under the wire

(uspol in image)

I had an idea before bed for a feature request for PeerTube but I didn't write it down and I forgot...

cursed gender neutral greeting 

an adorable video of a fluffy moth leaving its cocoon! looks like rhodinia fugax (?) but i'm not sure

So the Verge article for which I wrote some thoughts about Jack Dorsey announcing #Bluesky is out and it used only a few sentences from what I came up with, so I wanna share the full thing...

I was asked, if Twitter did indeed adopt #ActivityPub instead of coming up with something new, would it be better or worse for the decentralized social web?

reminder that "tankie" is a nonsense term and that if you have criticisms you should be more specific

I'm getting followed by brands now πŸ™

Mastodon social....

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