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New blog post, this time about how maybe social media sites shouldn't be keeping our conversations forever and ever

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I've got a playlist that I've been adding to over time with all the cute animal videos on PeerTube...

It's got cats, birds, alpaca, chipmunks, etc

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I just found an article that briefly explains various Marxist-Leninist terms, and it helped me a lot. I think it could help a lot of people.

I have the word pasatiempo cycling through my head, it's just spinning around like that bouncy word Screensaver from windows XP

I am not feeling like going to work today. Work is canceled everybody.

I'm 4 days in and it says I know 483 words. I know more words than that but they just don't show up in the things I'm reading. I'm able to understand stuff from context, but out of context I don't recognize the words, and I'm bad at figuring out what words are missing based on context...

I'm getting better, though, I've been learning new words.

With LingQ, I was on the highest setting for goals... and that's fine, it's easy to create LingQs, there's a ton of vocabulary I'm not super familiar with (since my vocabulary has largely been about fast food for years)...

But when you have 650 lingqs and half of them are supposed to be reviewed every day (until I become familiar with them) it's really hard to keep up on that. I'm gonna have to chillax with the difficult shit so that I can like, actually review what I'm learning.

anti addict, genocide, slavery 

I read an article about the coronavirus in Spanish and it was mostly about how a businessman with a pregnant wife was sad that he didn't feel safe traveling to China while the virus is going on.

It had some bits about how China is doing really well at containing and treating the virus, though, but it was mostly like. Okay. I don't care.

LingQ really is helpful for being able to read stuff, and it's helped me learn some stuff I think? still not sure how effective it is on that front

it sucks when I'm cooking at work because I'll have someone helping me and then the manager will send them on a break without telling me

and I'll be just going along at the same pace until I realize that I'm falling behind

and then it's too late

Image descriptions for charts and graphs are an interesting problem, because in order to describe it you have to put your own biases and assumptions into it (whether you mean to or not) unless you just give a table of the data, which is harder to understand the implications of (which is why graphs and charts are used in the first place...)

graphs and charts already filter the data through a specific lens, so the best person to describe the chart is probably the person who created it lol

Martin Luther King Jr. Day, BPP, White Supremacy 

It's been a while since I've played SuperTuxKart, but it's been a while since I've played a lot of things

By the way, I would love to play C&C against Real People instead of bots, so if anybody is interested lmk

Whenever I play the OpenRA versions of Command and Conquer my gf makes fun of me because when you cancel a building order the computer yells "canceled"

My girlfriend is infringing on my freedom of speech by leaving the room when I play children's rhymes converted to songs on New Pipe at 2x speed

Most people wouldn't know a ghost if it but 'em in the persqueeter

I recently installed NoScript on my desktop computer and tried to log into the company website to get my schedule. Had to enable JavaScript, but it was only one source, that's fine.
Enabled. New source to enable. Enabled. New source to enable. Enabled. New source to enable.
I can't login without trusting scripts loaded by scripts loaded by scripts loaded by scripts. Ridiculous.

Angelica Marie Sarah Fimkin: [Instagram posts a picture of her posing with a dead Mongolian Death Worm, doing a peace sign]

I've never finished Fallout New Vegas, and I've never played any of the other ones for more than an hour.

Oh hell yeah `Radical Town supports code blocks` in Markdown

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