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assassination is actually gay and basically sexy

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does anyone remember the @ of that colour scheme bot ?!?!

I had been entirely unaware of the literal burning of records of the British Empire as each colony gained independence, until @genmon mentioned it:

And... I'm almost speechless. What a clear admission of guilt that was just as hidden from those of us educated in Britain as from the newly independent countries.

Bad news about #Article13, the copyright directive (which includes Art 13) has passed the council of ministers.

Interesting footnote: if the UK gov had simply abstained (or voted against), the directive would not have passed. Britain represents enough population to form a blocking minority.

However, the British government voted in favour.

The law can still be stopped in the European courts (which is what happened to the data retention directive), but this is much messier and more difficult.

I want every Wikipedia article to contain a "Criticism" section

Biological role of O2
Industrial production
Safety and precautions
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Terminology and use
Use of "Nordic countries" vs. "Scandinavia"
Languages in Scandinavia
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Taxonomy and evolution
Distribution and diversity
Life cycle
Behaviour and ecology
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everyone shut up. death to cishets and especially not if i can get a fundraiser going to jail

is it gay to discover? You pretty much just finding something for the first time. ☕️

cowboy levels are currently at 69% but fluctuating wildly

(69%) ■■■■■■□□□□

people need to stop reminding me men exist. only positivity in this space

Pokémon fans!

Mastodex is a mashup of a Fediverse user directory and a Pokédex:

Fediverse users can choose a creature and get their username listed next to it.

#Pokemon #Pokémon #GottaFederateEmAll

its weird having a landlord.. i feel like a medieval peasant

I wish banana peels were as effective against motorised vehicles IRL as they are in Mario Kart.

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uh no if you actually bothered to READ marx's writings you would know the revolutionary subject is the GAMING class. git gud, revisionist

ok well i just got home it's 0001 and im already really tired but also i have an incredible urge to consume a litre or two of energy drinks

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