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perhaps it is time to truly grow as a person... or perhaps i could get mad online instead... hmm

trying to buy my friend a birthday card, but for some reason they all have 'you'll keep your fucking mouth shut if you know what's good for you' written inside??

If your avi isn't your face you have to never ever change Avis sorry that's the rules

listening update: today i have been listening to muddy waters by redman and twelve nudes by ezra furman

following the success of my previous experiment, 'can you send a dm to yourself', i am pleased to announce the results of my latest, 'can you send a dm to no one?'

online, i am what you would call a troll-style user

it is going to take me so long to complete celeste but i think i can probably do it. i have all the strawberries and i'm up to 6b on the b sides. i must beat the game. its such a good game

FUNFACT: if you light a piece of fuse cord into a pack of Kraft Singles it will explode like goddamn brick of C4.

why else do you think they call it American cheese? of course it blows up.

Selfie, EC 

[watching 9/11 happen] wow, are the straights, uh, ok??

*sits up in bed, yawning and stretching* ahhhh i cant wait to say some dumb bullshit on this and every day

there were some straight people doing the New York Times fall in love with a stranger thing next to me anddirt at the restaurant last night and one of the questions was "When was the last time you cried" and the dude leaned in and very earnestly responded "..when I scratched my tesla"

the video for sleep now in the fire where rage against the machine play outside the new york stock exchange and michael moore gets arrested - still absolutely rules

bros i just put up my beautiful album up on bandcamp. it is about 1 minute long please go listen to it and share. thanks

learning that gladys knight appeared on 'the masked singer' and came third, in between joey fatone and donny osmond. not having a good time any more

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