I absolutely adore the Guardian's writeup of the Frasier reboot, penned by an alien who finds it necessary to explain the concept of "acting" like, did you know that Anthony Hopkins isn't really a cannibal? It's true!

@Pixley i started reading but got disturbed by the revelation that when frasier started, kelsey grammar was younger than i am currently

@Pixley ok this did help me a lot because i now realise he was 29 when cast in cheers, which i've never seen, and 38 when frasier started - meaning i remain young, sprightly and full of vigour

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@lennie @Pixley I freaked out reading that I’m the same age as he was when he first showed up in Cheers. Maybe it’s the hairline but the man has always looked 45 years old.

@ParrotHead420 @lennie he reminds me a lot of this kid I went to high school with, the guy who always played the dad or grandpa in every school play and who when you saw him at the Mobil or whatever and said "oh hey Steve," would stick out his hand to shake yours

@Pixley @lennie oh hell yeah maybe it’s like an acting thing because there were a few guys exactly like that at the performing arts school I went to

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