when i see anyone on my timeline i don't immediately recognise: uh excuse me??? who the fuck is this?? and how dare you

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i am kidding about this (duh), i like seeing new people and even like getting strange replies from people i don't know who are into linux. please will you all follow me and boost my posts

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@lennie I always recognize you from the piss Christ with the cool face

@sexybenfranklin excellent, i've kept the same avi my whole time on here to maintain my , i'm glad its working

@lennie @sexybenfranklin i was just wondering if i'd cemented my new avi enough for it to be instantly recognisable or if i should change it back to the classic shaggy

@seafrog @sexybenfranklin i like it currently, the cool cat is cool and the black/white/pink colour scheme is striking and easy to identify in small avi form

@Thomas although that was the point, i think i hate it too, and will probably change it once i can think of something else

@lennie I considered putting these kinds of things in my profile and decided against it

@Thomas i love finding cursed bios on twitter, at one point i was considering making a gimmick account for them here lol

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