following on from the gaslighting talk, there is a general trend of people cynically co-opting the clinical language of trauma and abuse to try and win petty interpersonal squabbles with posters they dislike, and it's pretty disgraceful behaviour that should be condemned far more imo

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Long, terms of abuse and trauma being misused 

@lennie I try and keep quiet on that but yeah it should be. Problem I have with calling it out is, if its being used to reframe an argument especially, its common to get told you're victim blaming, denying abuse etc.
Wide condemnation gets reframed as piling on an abuse victim.

I've seen it happen a lot on twitter, and had accusations levied at me for it. A lot of people won't object to someone who says they're being victimised.

Long, terms of abuse and trauma being misused 

@sophia absolutely, there's no real upside to it and you're opened up to a bunch of easy attacks for all the reasons you say. and as much as i say it should be condemned more, i'm probably not going to either, beyond broad, nonspecific criticisms like this one that aren't related to any one Thing, which i think i can get away with, and even then i'm a little 😬 about it. it's frustrating.

Long, terms of abuse and trauma being misused 

@lennie I don't really know if or how we can change things without something setting off a massive shift in how we frame conflict and abuse

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