tesla fanboys trying to convince themselves they like the horrible truck have the exact same sad, sweaty, desperate energy as bitter-end kanye west fans. never join a cult, kids

@lennie why are they so eager to tell me about their ugly ugly cars

@Pixley @lennie haha that sucks, lol. “I like this car *because* it’s ugly”

@Pixley @lennie “it’s not ‘good design’ or ‘nice to look at’ and it is ‘objectively bad’ but I want it”

@Thomas @lennie "people say they want something out of Blade Runner" is one of those sentences that sets me back on my heels and reminds me that I do not view the world how most people do

@robotcarsley @Pixley @lennie the vehicross would be all right if it didn't look like it was wearing Skechers

@neoncoughh @Pixley that makes two of them, my best friend also inexplicably does

@robotcarsley @neoncoughh I read somewhere that people who bought Azteks actually love them across the board, which I mean, you would have to

@Pixley @lennie “This truck is like something out of a movie except it’s real. And people hate it.” sounds like one of those shitty clickbait ad headlines

@brogepi @Pixley @lennie you know what else started out as a concept car? The 1999 Audi TT, a beautiful futuristic tron light cycle of a car I still lust after and will probably never own. That's how you concept car

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @Pixley @lennie I regret to inform you that this car looks like if a VW Bug was also a shoe

@ItsTheManOnTheMoon @brogepi @Pixley @lennie my favorite concept vehicle is the Dodge Tomahawk, where they said "what if we put a couple wheels on a V10 engine" (the answer is "you would die almost instantly" but I'm glad the question was asked)

@robotcarsley @brogepi @Pixley @lennie I got to ride in a dodge viper once and it was basically a huge V8 engine mounted inside a tin can, it was a bit terrifying

@lennie hell if you want to pre-order a truck that doesn't quite exist yet so badly, there are better looking options.

@lennie I mean at least it looks less bland than previous tesla vehicles

still probably has a shit build quality though

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