i don't know why we're talking about star wars but i looked up the new one and it's 155 minutes long, so i can tell you with absolute certainty that it's bad

@lennie hard agree. Star Wars never works unless it's a tidy 2-hour movie and I'll die on that hill

@wicche at some point it became normal for blockbuster/action type movies to bloat out to way longer than they should be and it sucks! i assume it was probably peter jackson's fault

@lennie I think he and a couple others are partly to blame, but I also blame the general trend toward getting focused on making blockbusters a series of 15-20 minute setpieces and not thinking about how to actually write a fucking script. Then after the filmmakers/studios come up with all these lengthy sequences, they don't know what to trim because if they cut too much action they'll have wasted all that action budget, and if they cut too many of the interspersed dialogue infodump bits they'll have something unbelievably hard to follow. So instead we get something tediously exposited that's also totally devoid of real character development and inundates us with poorly directed/edited spectacle

@lennie an early culprit of this is the Bond movies tbh, those are remarkably long in many cases throughout each decade. I don't think the trend actually came from them though, and I'm an apologist for particular Bonds

@wicche good ass post! and a good summary of why i don't like the comic book movies in particular and most big movies in general at this point

@lennie thank you and yes exactly! I honestly LOVE me a good popcorn flick, but it has to be done right, and nobody can even do that now, most of the time! That's one reason I was so happy about Fury Road: not the feminist credentials, but just how it's everything an action movie SHOULD actually be

@wicche hahaha that was also going to be my counterexample of doing it right: it's so tight and focused and every scene and shot feels necessary and planned out (as indeed it was, incredibly meticulously)

@lennie yes, they're hardly the only action film to still do proper storyboarding, but they did that AND knew how to translate that onto film AND knew how to edit it right

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