the silliness of english country place names continues to be beyond parody

@lennie petty france is where @garfiald goes when they’re feeling passive agressive

@LuigiEsq @lennie @garfiald the roads in petty france look like the right side of an abandoned "Killroy was here" sign.

Me: want to play badminton?
You: a little
Me: but little badminton is so far away!
You: block

@whiskeysailor i am going to ruin my friends' weekend doing jokes like this, its gonna be great

@lennie I live within a few kilometres of Quebec, West Sussex.


Here in Belgium there's 2 neighboring cities called "Jambes" ("Leg") and "Arbre" (Trees).

@lennie Ooh - I've ridden through there! At the time I remembered thinking it must have been an Anglicisation of "Petit France", like how London has a "Little Venice" and stuff..

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