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pretty sure this will all end in tears and no one will learn anything

wednesday? More like whens this day going to be over amirite

we had like 8 months of forewarning and i still haven't decided which instance im gonna move to or if i'm just gonna let my account die with radtown lol

hi i made a zine thing about grieving and stuff absolutely sucking, it's basically a collection of comics? thoughts? from the year after my mam died

I was showing my daughter old pictures from 2011, She told me I was so beautiful, and that I still am beautiful. She made my day! The only thing I regret from my past was not knowing anything about

did you know ciabatta wasn't invented until 1982. what the hell

when something makes me mad: damn, that really pickles my rick

scotland has given the world so much, the bay city rollers, lulu, shrek, so I'm expecting everyone on the fediverse to be cheering us on against the czech republic this afternoon, come on scotland!!! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

i can't remember if it was one of you on here who recommended the band worriers, but good job if so because they rule

i think i am pretty close to being as good as i'm going to get. what do i do now

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every time a left winger gets elected in south america americans write patronizing chauvinistic articles about how people are voting against their own interests until their fingers bleed. lol

would you like the video of emmanuel macron getting slapped in the face? of course you would

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