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ken bone facts: ken has a podcast. on episode 26 the topics of the day are syria, donkey kong, hot pokers, and dealing with clinical depression.

i'm still not making these up

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Lmao, when my dad sees me present as feminine he loses his fucking mind and can't say shit because I'm an adult who just tells him to fuck off

i am going to move to the sea side for my constitution. i will take the sea air in my bath chair and while away the hours pruning roses in my conservatory full of aspidistras and poisonous snakes

This is a song with the same four chords
I use most of the time
When I've got something on my mind
And I don't want to squander the moment
Trying to come up with a better way
To say what I want to say

now it is time to accomplish my dream of bein online and also a horse

i dont actually have strong feelings about lobster i just like arguing sometimes

Season 4 of The Simpsons is just Family Guy for boomers

decided i'm like the girl version of eminem, keeping my star power specifically through meaningless, shallow controversy. how is everyone else's evening

pronouncing pineapple like minneapolis

saw the internet,,, they were sooo gooodddd,, how is syd soo coooool

i feel like's estranged father

i've been having car trouble and I'd really like to take it in to the mechanic to figure out what's wrong but i have to pay rent and stuff so if you could throw a few dollars my way that would be grand:

i wanna watch the HBO elizabeth holmes thing and i don't have HBO and i'm not gonna pay for it and it's not on tpb, any ideas??

β€œIs Grimes hot?” - the greatest discourse in the history of Mastodon. Locked by Eugen after 1236920 posts.

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