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how's everyone doing. do you wanna chat or have a fight or something. im a little cw:alc

reply to this and i'll tell you what video game character you are

anyway, i had a good time at the ezra furman show

one has to accept that in life, sometimes you're the doo doo, and sometimes you're the ass. i guess this is growing up

crammed on to a train next to a man who is alternating between tinder swiping, watching clips of pod save america, and hitting me with his bag. so if i stop posting for a while it's because i have been arrested for murder

smoking reference 

smoking reference 

trying to buy my friend a birthday card, but for some reason they all have 'you'll keep your fucking mouth shut if you know what's good for you' written inside??

everyone on line is a doo doo ass except me i am a mega genius

@lennie KFC 101: Intro to Fried Chicken

KFC 201: Seminar in Biscuits

shout out to the man across from me in this coffee shop who has been reading promotional material on the KFC website for the last 10 minutes now

the joker singing 'you can't escape my psychology' to biology by girls aloud

only a month and a half til 'listen to this year by the mountain goats on repeat whilst hangin to fuck' day. excited.


retoot to bless the timeline with foggy breaths and hot chocolate


excited to announce my new role as podcast critic for the new york times

@lennie I think he and a couple others are partly to blame, but I also blame the general trend toward getting focused on making blockbusters a series of 15-20 minute setpieces and not thinking about how to actually write a fucking script. Then after the filmmakers/studios come up with all these lengthy sequences, they don't know what to trim because if they cut too much action they'll have wasted all that action budget, and if they cut too many of the interspersed dialogue infodump bits they'll have something unbelievably hard to follow. So instead we get something tediously exposited that's also totally devoid of real character development and inundates us with poorly directed/edited spectacle

i don't know why we're talking about star wars but i looked up the new one and it's 155 minutes long, so i can tell you with absolute certainty that it's bad

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