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Getting my PhD about how brutalism spawned street skateboarding.

Selfies of me Kate dirt and Zoe holy cow what fun and happiness (EC, mirror selfies, boosts+++++++) 

check out my new post hardcore band, pulled apart by golf buggies

can someone tell me which one of these pairs of shoes is best and will make me look like a Cool Dude

i am overjoyed by brooko's new tattoo

all the middle aged women at work today are gonna question why im unusually chipper and im gonna have to explain nork seal

many momentous events in history, including the october revolution, were done purely "for the craic"

"Four years ago, I did a stunt where I tied myself to two golf buggies racing in opposite directions; I had to free myself before it was too late.

But as I struggled to remove the shackles, one of the ropes caught around my elbow, leading one of the vehicles to drag me down the tarmac, screaming."

i discovered this guy who is the real life gob bluth, and his name is drummond money-coutts

when im tired and don't want to walk: drag my ass sis

*picking up a book* i hope the water in this book is described in a realistic way. this is my main criterion when deciding whether or not to purchase a book

@laser @lennie oh cool! The Temple of the Lightbringer, Bestower of Knowledge and Individuality unto Mankind, just released the “Kids, Take Your Vitamins Rap”

does anyone remember the kendrick lamar nardwuar from like 2011

Currently getting paid minimum wage to kill time and take selfies to post online 🐍

anyway congrats to avengers for now being officially the best movie ever

one of the most depressing expressions of capitalist stockholm syndrome are those people who get deeply invested in the box office totals of superhero movies, first week sales of taylor swift albums etc etc. grotesque

finding qanon posts and responding 'i don't wish to be disrespectful, but that sounds pretty unlikely'

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