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i'm a special sweetie and i deserve a big lolly and a slice of cake

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the national review's grammy recap is written by armond white(?) and calls billie eilish's album 'very much in the vein of woke dissent'(?) which 'features a self-destructive undercurrent that suggests the influence of leftist malevolence' (??)

we’re all just dopamine machines that feel guilty about it

hobbies: lying down, snoozing, resting, sitting, taking a break, chilling, putting my feet up

taking bernie sanders to get spayed and vaccinated so people will stop saying he hasn't been properly vetted

sports, violence but good 

Holocaust, disability 

Holocaust, disability 

@lennie No but I am the greatest person to ever live and it's be n a hell of a struggle.

I deal with HR depts that don't know about the existence of BCC.

it's hard being the greatest person to ever live, but someone has to do it

vibrating with pure mindful serenity as i read a work email written in 18 point comic sans and tell myself it's fine, people express themselves differently and that's ok

Is it just me or most memes about corona virus are infected with le big racisme?

Podcast idea: each week I explain a new topic to a woman, but I'm obviously less informed than her. Then she owns me and I get humiliated and maybe she steps on me with her heel or something I don't know I'm just spitballing.

celebrity death, racism 

celebrity death, racism 

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