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i'm a special sweetie and i deserve a big lolly and a slice of cake

please do not comment on someone’s non-sexual post with some kind of sexual remark (even if it’s a joke) unless you are close enough where this is an established part of your relationship. i see this happening more and more lately and it’s rather creepy and upsetting

it would be amusing to me if, say, a senior british political figure were to expire on this, the day of margaret thatcher's death

@lennie Same. it was like somewhere, deep in my psyche, I've always known the answer. We were just waiting for the question

which tetris block would you marry, and why

the final fantasy vii remake does look really cool but if they think i am paying 60 quid for one-third of a game they can fuck right off

@lennie A Pokémon is multiple perspectives on a single pocket

wild horse who wants to be a knight of the spanish realm and loves his breakfast porridge: donkey oatey

thinking about how i really have no idea of anything that's ever happened on here between 1am and 8am GMT, unless it became a meme or created a big conflict. i don't know what you ruffians get up to. what is 'night crew'. is it rude. i'll never know

my friend weird michael accidentally posted what sex toys he bought in the group chat and is now talking about the time he shagged a lass wearing a dunces hat 'very badly'

my posts today have been fire. i should be showered in praise, but i practice this art not for glory, simply for the love of posting

every gimmick account i see i mentally file under 'luigi until proven otherwise'

im just grooving to the vibes and vibing to the grooves

Nearly losing my shit at work rn bc Im doing office work and all of a sudden I hear

"Do you know where you are?!? You're in the jungle, baby. You're gonna DIE!"

howling laughing at my own dumbass meme from a year ago

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did a virtual pub quiz. we came 37th out of 55. but at least i got the question about the joker

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