my stance on left unity is that if you would come to help me if you saw me fighting a cop or a regular nazi, then we're on the same enough side

if i was a mouse i would hang a framed painting of a piece of cheese on the wall of my mouse hole

How bout that Harper's letter huh? Just kidding I don't care

does this thing actually matter in any way whatsoever, or do i just need a new piece of content to get so gleefully mad at i shit my pants. the eternal question

when i came to the fediverse i had to unlearn the response i had on twitter to be immediately combative to people in my mentions who would question what I said or suggest things, because on twitter they were almost always replyguys or sealioning.

however, the overwhelming majority of the time on fedi it's been well intentioned.

harassment, block recommendation 

I'm in b&q and I think a man in deadpool pyjama bottoms and a t shirt that says "don't touch me, peasant" just caught me grimacing at him

My attempts to get folks to gender me correctly have met with Mx. Success.

making everyone hate me by referring to all foods as edibles

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