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@lennie can I get that mocha with just un poco de pico

i made salsa and it is delicious and i have loads so i just put salsa in every meal now. salsa on toast. salsa and mashed potatoes. black coffee with a splash of salsa

white people love getting exasperated and saying, “Hey! What gives?”

you might be wondering, did i see a cool lizard when i went to brisbane

the answer is yes

i tried the photo algorithm thing 3 times with different pics and it told me i was a military staff sergeant, a nurse, and finally a 'young buck'

ladies and gentlemen, this is mambo no. 5 [barrage of farts]

lemons and limes taste so different like damn

Garfield made a pro-Pirates of the Caribbean post as a honeypot to lure out all the Pirates fans, so they could then round them up and mass cancel them

Seeing a lot of people boosting this newcomer 'swampwitch69' and I gotta say, I don't see what all the fuss is about. Stick with the #snakeboy #brand you know and love, people

seeing people get furiously mad about who did and didn't win an emmy like damn...that must be such a nice life, like being a goldfish

1 large scrumptious slice of mamas best victoria sponge cake, barkeep

butterfly by crazy town is the best song ever written, change my mind

what if there was a psychological horror movie starring john travolta that was written and directed by fred durst from limp bizkit? well, there is, it just came out and i will be watching it

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