if a tree falls and nobody is there to hear it, that infringes on the tree's freedom of speech

@lemoncarrots if I were a tree I would simply grow where people were always present to hear me fall

@vitria @lemoncarrots
Indeed, a tree is not a fascist.
Being fascist would require the tree to hold some belief, which the tree is obviously not capable of.

@vitria @lemoncarrots

If they were not persons, it'd mean they can't be held responsible for their actions.

@vitria @lemoncarrots
And therefore they can't be held responsible. IOW, they did nothing wrong.

@Wolf480pl @lemoncarrots
You are the only one saying Fascist are Magnus the Red.

Fascist are members of a political theory based on mass genocide, purity myth and a bunch of other ugly concepts. Thinking fascists like just a group of person is making a huge mistake on what they are and what they want.
If you want to understand (and fight them but i have make a little journey on your profile and i doubt you want to) you need to stop thinking them as person, individuals but as a political group.

Myth of purity? That sounds like the crowd that shouts "lets block everyone who doesn't block everyone who doesn't block gab, because they're eww impure and might be spreading gab disease", or "if your father's friend's uncle is a nazi you are a nazi". If those aren't purity myths, then I don't know what is.

@Wolf480pl I talk about genocide and you talk about "blocking people". The next step is the "Free Marketplace of Ideas"

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