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kramer driving the car on empty but it's me keeping my halloween avatar and name

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The tiger
He destroyed his cage
And he's been doing just fine

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on the internet, nobody knows you're literally a crow who learned how to type


I got 99 problems but keeping count of my problems is not one of them!!!

Hurricane is drooling all over the floor and I got in his face and asked why he was making a mess and "being so mean" and he gave me the smallest gentlest kiss on my nose and I have now died from sweetness overload

eugen found my email in the server and contacted me directly to convince me to come back

Watson boy looking extra handsome in his suspiciously familiar new necklace

new mastodon feature: if someone is bothering you but you don't want to mute or block them, just click the kawarimi button to replace your avatar with a picture of a log

scrooge didn't become good until the third ghost made him fear for his life

The duck parade is headed by the coots and Big Lad today ยฐ

logging into the tl first thing in the morning feels like getting into the club just as they switch the big lights on to clear everyone out

Dusty is my son. Herman is my father. Being a bird usually skips a generation

the adjective meaning "milf-like" is "milven," and the language of milfs is "milvish." these words are not interchangeable by any means

every time I get divine confetti in sekiro, I think about that eminem song

me, $20,000 in the red on jeopardy: what is binch?

alex trebek: once again, none of the answers today are going to be "binch" or "to be corn cobbed"

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