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pythagoras, pythagoras
pythagoras hates peter higgs
they have a fight, pythagoras wins

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a lesbian goes to the doctor and says "I'm too shy to ask anyone out. how can I let them know I'm a lesbian without talking to them?"

the doctor says "simple, there's a sale on flannel shirts today, go and get some"

the lesbian bursts into tears. "but doctor, I live in new england"

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(kenny bania, pointing at a nerd) that's nate silver, jerry! silver!

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wind waker 

I still don't understand where all the zora went

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Did you know that porcupines have antibiotics in their skin, because they have a habit of trying to get the buds off the end of a tree branch and then falling out of the tree and sticking themselves with their own quills, and the antibiotics keep those pokes from getting infected

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Ayyy it’s me, Cresc. I am goblin material now

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A visible bisexual for you on this day

wind waker 

I've played this like 6 times and I always have to look up how to break that wall in ganon's tower, because why the fuck would I jump in that hole, why

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the first international conference for socialist women was in Stuttgart, Germany lmao

it really fucking sucks how democrats wield reproductive rights as a cudgel to force half the population to live in primal existential fear and fealty and make them support absolute ghouls like joe biden

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drinkin an Evil Mudslide (vodka, Molly's off-brand baileys, and coffee brandy) and wearing my trans-colors unicorn onesie, ama

*puts thumbs in suspenders* now i may not be some kind of big city goth gf...

my hair kicks ass, fuck you snapchat for not doing it any justice

selfie with ec

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The democrats are actually very competent at doing their job, which is suppressing the left and fundraising off of being fake opposition to their friends in the GOP. Tell you that Trump is Hitler, but then fund his budgets and launder his policies.

this has the r slur just sitting in their posts btw for any mutuals who are interacting with them

this mfer sending me follow requests to all my accounts like a google algorithm

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