I’m very happy to not have heard the baby shark song. I haven’t spoken to a baby in 10 years

The other day a coworker was “sharing” about how his son got his hours cut from the on campus day care center for behavior problems but it’s not his fault and they’re looking for a baby sitter, asking if I “know anyone”. First of all, your child is probably a demon hell no. Secondly, the presumption!!! Hell no im not gonna watch your white demon baby, why ask me!!

@MrJimmy hmmm no thank you, I see that evil twinkle in your eye!

@ldopa suggest but in a way where they can't tell if you're actually calling their baby an animal or if you just aren't sure exactly what the site is

@ldopa But when was the last time you spoke to a shark? 🦈

@ldopa I've known the baby shark song for over 10 years. I can't believe it suddenly became a meme.

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