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I’ll give ya the ol’ one two (fave and boost)

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Okay hi, this is my #introduction Show more

yeah I'm willing to step outside my comfort zone to try new things, but I refuse to step outside my comforter zone to do it. (get up off my couch)

bi women can date men and still be lgbt, guys

thats kinda a thing bi women can do

Me, spiking my anxiety with caffeine even tho I know that's what happens every time: heh cool

just thinking about how sean bean is literally 'mr bean'

Me: So yeah, knzk is down and it’s just for maintenance but it’s still down today. It was nice to at least log in and scream into the void when it was defederated but at least I have the alt on radtown this time

Bf: uhh okay but what do you want for dinner

#ff the sea gazelle she's 8 follows away from 666 :_moonfog: :blobderp3d:

Real marveling at the wonders of birth hours

Pre-meeting selfie, no eye contact Show more

You're so beautiful!!!!!! You!!! Yes you!!!

This fuckin dog looks like they've seen some shit ngl

Sir those are my other emotional support worms

Flora post! Show more

@ldopa another good tip: post a thing about Richard and Morton K- *i am violently dragged off-stage*

Also if you use an anime character as your avi, this will make people consider you might be sketchy / bad faith actor. I’m sorry but them’s the breaks

Advice to new users:

-Set a picture for your avi, does not even need to be you. This helps prevent people from thinking you are sketchy / bad faith actor

-Maybe do not use another user’s media without asking. This also helps prevent people from thinking you are sketchy / bad faith actor

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