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Please may I keep my body heat I made it myself it took a lot of work

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I’ll give ya the ol’ one two (fave and boost)

you dont get buried you get vored by earth

the great thing about committing crimes in front of babies is that if you tell them "forget you ever saw this" they actually will

... and that's when i realized the REAL Battle Royale was the society we destroyed along the way.

🎶[cue California by Phantom Planet]

Anything worth doing is worth doing halfassedly

im not a communist i just think that the working class should seize control of the state and forcibly abolish the system of wage labor and own all property in common for the good of humanity

getting a rib removed so I can compliment my own selfies

My nose has shed its skin and been reborn

Jeremiah is a pioneer because he figured out you can say whatever horrific shit you want as long as you add "brother" at the end and attribute it to Hulk Hogan

Apartments: where there’s always a kid screaming

when the moon
hits your eye
you're too close
to the moon

*carole king, smurf hunter voice* i feel the smurf move under my feet

[MY BOSS]: "You and I need to have a chat about appropriate work attire..."

[ME]: *muffled noise*

[BOSS]: "I can't understand what you're saying."

[ME]: *removes ball gag from mouth* "I said 'talk to my union rep, binch.'"

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