yeah maybe blowing up the stars would unravel the laws of existence. but they only exist to farm our souls and turn them into star food, so maybe a future with no light, no death, no physics, and no causality would be better

It's probably already started and I'm not invited. But I'm also not the only person who's not invited. So we, those who are not a part of existing conspiracy should start our own.

We should start a conspiracy. I'm fucking serious about it.

Gender meta 

Gender meta 

Gender meta 

[sits at a booth with a sign reading:



i will never forget this one time in high school on the bus these two girls kept looking at me and giggling and someone told me later that they were looking up my sleeve at my arm pit

capitalism, by its very nature, wants us to believe that our life is hollow or our experiences diminished through the absence of certain products or services that are being sold to us by its systems. what capitalism does is force us to ignore that what is missing cannot be bought or sold

So it should be normal and not embarrassing to ask for clarifications when you don't understand something.

Why I'm always in the mood to post too much when the tl is the slowest

An album I wanted to listen to is finally available on local apple music, so that's cool.
But I'm still unhappy because there's some stuff that was once available that's not anymore for a long time now. I'm sad. Give it to me you bastards.

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