Also I've drawn another decent looking bird.

I hope I can fall asleep soon-ish.

Vague mh 

Sleep, therapy 

And yeah I really should do other important things, sure. But well at least I can do something that's not entirely passive. Baby steps and all that.

Also drawing lines and shapes for hours is a perfect thing for my dumbass brain and hands to do while listening to Twitch VODs. So I enjoyed the first boring part of assignments a lot.

So I got myself 2 month trial on skillshare. And started a basic beginner drawing course. Did week's worth of assignments in two days and wow, I can draw things I definitely couldn't before. In 2 days. This is wild.

Life updates 


I realized that a lot of my problems with this site would disappear if I just didn't open CWs that might upset me. What a surprise.

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at this point wikipedia should just rename "personal life" to the "are they gay" section

boost this post and I will start a dangerous rumor about you

Hm it's not even anything if you think about it bc I wanted to do something along those lines for a while now. But it sucks, I can't imagine how to actually write about it.
An image I got in my head is still too literal, need to abstract it some more.

I sensed a spark of inspiration today. The idea, well, more like a little piece of an actual idea, I've got out of it can't really work I don't think, but hey that's a start. Feeling of "hey my brain can create things" is valuable.

Apparently when you get a lot of interactions on birdsite it feels bad for some reason

I hate it when people post something without context and confuse everyone who isn't in the know about a subject. I do this very often.

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