"If I put this in a weird spot then I'll be forced to remember where I put it" - Me, about to lose something forever.

@laser I can relate to this. Actually, in my case, they usually break.

@laser Hell, I'm constantly "losing" gloves and umbrellas because I stash them in a spot where I'm sure I won't lose them — then forget where I put them.

@laser I also sometimes put something in an unusual-but-obvious spot in order to remind me to do something. Sometimes it works and other times I'm like ????what was i supposed to????

see also: "If I put this here in this obvious spot, I'll remember to take it with me tomorrow."
—Me, about to forget taking said thing with me the next day.

@laser @randomgeek “if i put this right out in the open i can just see where it is” – me, about to get so used to it there that it becomes invisible to me

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