@laser I'm from Sacramento so this is like a personal compliment

@Scout I'm originally from Bakersfield so I also recognize being from a forgotten part of california

@laser omg I have family in Bakersfield. The show Baskets captures Bakersfield so well (tho the creators are kinda ew)

@Scout I've only seen a couple episodes but yes, in lady bird they describe Sacramento as "the midwest of california" and Bakersfield is.the sister "the south of california"

@laser "Gateway of the Central Valley" is actually the nicest thing I can say about Bakersfield California

@laser oh I guess the service at the macaroni grill is pretty good too.

@Scout come ON, we at least have our own type of country music

@laser and at the end of the day, no matter what anybody says about Bakersfield, at least you're not Oildale

@Picklemaddierix I am rewatching it and it hits me really hard as maybe the first period piece set in the 00's

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