@mxsiege @hope @PIxley @laser Actually, to be more accurate, I'm "emo pick up lines" specifically, I"m "do you blog here often"

@laser @jackdaw_ruiz

the best part is the majority of searching for that is this meme specifically.

@laser i was four years old in 2003 so this feels like uncovering some strange artifact of a long-forgotten people

@minus_zero I was 20, and looked essentially like that picture

@laser i'm dark denim jeans with a dorky glasses rising

@laser I’m fucking losing it trying to guess if there were kids i knew taking cues like this

@laser It's 2019 and I still have the dude's haircut

@laser the girl looks like she's in empire records but the dude on the right, there are still guys that look like that. this is like an artifact from some kind of major cultural interregnum

@laser I think this was in the first issues of Seventeen I got in the sixth grade, it feels strangely familiar...

@laser Emos read J.D. Salinger? I thought that was white supremacists?

@laser this is not how I remember emo for some reason, I thought it was more like... candy-goth lite??

@laser @Pixley @amsomniac There's a great shout out to 90s sarcasm and irony, too

@laser @Red I do think even in 2003 it was ever a top pick-up line "Do you blog here often?" 🤯

Though now I sort of hope blogging could make enough of a comeback that it could someday. 🤔

@laser "Think Weezer's Rivers Cuomo, or your science teacher."


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