@laser this looks like one of those chalkboards full of math that they have in movies

@laser I just searched "nazis never left antarctica" and apparently they went there in the first place because they needed whale oil for margarine and Antarctica seemed like a good place to set up a base

@Pixley seems like a few whalers would be the perfect start for the NWO

@laser they brought boxes of tiny metal swastikas to sprinkle around as they walked around Antarctica, to claim it for Germany, but then they had to jettison the boxes before they got there because their plane was too heavy

@Pixley @laser ah nazis went inside hollow earth at the south pole to meet underground aliens is a fun hole to go down.

@laser hey @Pixley is that the same geoengineering website from those flyers you found a while back

@laser @neoncoughh someday I will run into someone whose eyes need to be opened, and on that day I will pass the flyer along

@laser @neoncoughh and I didn't give it to Sarah because she would have yelled at me

@laser The sun is fake. If you stare at it long enough, the simulation wears off and you can't see it anymore

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