I'm glad they've said their piece and will in absolute good faith let me say what I want about Bush

@laser say what you want about bush but at least he jerked off on 9/11

@laser say what you will about killing a million people in an illegal war but gosh darn it he was just such a loveable oaf

@radicalrobit the kind of murderous war criminal you wanna have a beer with

@laser the kinda guy you'd love to get wasted on goldschlager with while pestering the guy carrying the nuclear football until he finally allows you to send a couple of icbms toward iran because he's a cool bro

@laser you promised blue checkmark tweets, these are just regular dipshits like me


FUCK god dammit how does anyone think like this

@laser this one single tweet basically confirms who tucker carlson was talking about when he said there were "progressives" who were mad about bolton leaving.

i can't even fathom this shit right now

@laser another 'actually it was good after 9/11' take. This shit is too much.

@laser "Sure 9/11 was bad for most people, but consider the flag manufacturers. It was pretty good for them"




@Thomas @laser Actually Dick Cheney was really the one in charge. Bush was just the puppet, or so I understand.

@micrackbiron @laser this sort of myth that Bush was stupid or had no agency kind of bothers me. He had this folksy persona but he wasn’t a stupid man. He is absolutely 100% culpable for everything that happened post-9/11 and likely not preventing it. Cheney as well, obviously.

say what you want about george bush, but he was a shithead war criminal who doomed all of us to a lifetime of war


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