New idea : Games Done Leisurely.

I'll start it with 5 hours of playing breath of the wild looking for cooking ingredients for food I'll never eat.

Followed by another 3 hours of me playing gta3 seeing how far I can get the shitty half plane to fly.


Skyrim - Harvesting All Lavender Run 100% [Glitchless] 4:37

@jackdaw_ruiz just fuxking around on a mountain with a horse for a while any%

@laser Super Metroid in about 6 hours collecting all power ups in order to assure I'm prepared for the final boss fight

@laser restarting the same mission after failing in seven seconds in tony hawk pro skater 4 for 45 minutes saying "I've got it this time" every single time

@laser taking 2 hours to build the paths in your Dragon Quest Builders town because you need them to be all the same color stone


GTA IV Go Bowling With Roman Every Time He Asks Run, any% [3 days, 6 hours, 46 minutes]]

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