@laser “what about those of us who paid back our student loans” I mean you have literally like a 10 year head start on accumulating wealth so that’s pretty good

@stunt_bird @laser Personally I'm against anyone younger than me ever possibly being allowed to live in a better world than the one I grew up with. It's illegal.

@stunt_bird @laser "oh what, are we gonna cancel credit card debt and mortgages to?" Delete more imaginary numbers? Sure dumbass, it's the Jubilee, open your goddamn mind

@logo personal object impernanence doesn't make things imaginary.

@logo @RoyalDoggo money is very literally imaginary, it more or less says so right on it

@stunt_bird @RoyalDoggo certainly valid to describe it as a social construct, and to argue that's not imaginary. But *debt* is at least a second-level abstraction: it's a bet that you will repay money at some point in future. It is certainly possible for the creditor to lose that bet. It's potential rather than real money

@laser fun fact: I graduated with zero debt due to careful maintenance of a National Merit Scholarship, but had no idea how to exist in a non-school environment (or deal with anxiety and depression that quickly took over my life) and spent the next decade chronically unemployed. So it is possible to fuck up and squander that advantage!

@laser @courtney I saw this argument and told my doctor partner that she should stop trying to cure her patients’ illnesses because it was unfair to anyone who’d died of a disease.

@laser Same energy as "I support beating children because I was beaten as a child and I turned out okay"

@laser I mean, nobody tell them about other places that (while also being part of the neolib hellword) don't saddle their students with an embarrassing amount of debt. I got educated for the price of a half-eaten baloney sandwich.

@laser laser did u really self-boost a screenshot of a reductress article?

@picklemaddierix ot was already making the rounds again, and thank you I feel sufficiently owned.

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