Well I just found the best youtube video title ever

@laser is this the one where they remark in passing that the chemtrails are killing the grass?

@robotcarsley I did not watch more than 30 seconds but that's very funny

@laser the one I watched not only had that but also was being filmed by the person's teen son who was vocally unenthusiastic about the whole thing

@laser So they have a fire hose right? Or something that might sorta almost make sense that doesn’t involve just spraying backsplash vinegar all over their own faces?

@gozer no it's a handheld spritz bottle.
They know it sounds crazy but you just have to wait a while

@laser This is clearly a plot by Big Vinegar to sell more vinegar.

@laser I dunno if I'd call it the best, but it is definitely the most youtube video title

@laser can we fight chemtrails with chemtrails and truly still fashion ourselves heroes....

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