today i learned about two guys that had a blunderbuss duel in hot air balloons in 1808 and i am absolutely in love with every detail of this

@laser We're getting Hollywood remake after remake when this is the type of thing the masses deserve to see on the silver screen

@laser "Being both men of *elevated* minds, chortle chortle"

@laser @twistylittlepassages

hmm the contemporary news media would really feel more whimsical if it described more fatalities as being "dashed to pieces." :thinkhappy: 🎈 🏠

@laser did they at least pay for the presumably body removal from the house, or....

@gdkar this is the primary source from all the articles i've seen, and contains all the information as far as i can tell

@laser Transcript:
"Novel Duel - A very novel species of duel has lately taken place at Paris. M. Granpree and M. Le Pique having quarrelled about Mademoiselle Tirevit, a celebrated opera dancer, who was kept by the former, but had been discovered in an intrigue with the latter, a challenge ensued. Being both men of _elevated_ minds, they agreed to fight in balloons, and in order to give time for their preparation, it was determined that the duel should take place on that day month." [...]

@laser Transcript ctd:
"Accordingly on the 3d of May the parties met in a field adjoining the Tuilleries, where their respective balloons were ready to receive them. Each, attended by his second, ascended his car, loaded with blunderbusses, as pistols could not be expected to be efficient in their probable situations." [...]

@laser Transcript ctd:
"A multitude attended, hearing of the balloons, but little dreaming of the purpose: the Parisians merely looked for the novelty of a balloon race. At nine o'clock the cords were cut, and the balloons ascended majestically amidst the shouts of the spectators. The wind was moderate, blowing from the north north west, and they kept, as far as could be judged, within about 80 yards of each other." [...]

@laser Transcript ctd:
"When they had mounted to the height of about 900 yards, M. Le Pique fired his piece ineffectually; almost immediately after the fire was returned by M. Granpree, and penetrated his adversary's balloon; the consequence of which was its rapid descent, and M. Le Pique and his second were both dashed to pieces on a house-top, over which the balloon fell." [...]

@laser Transcript final:
"The victorious Granpree then mounted aloft in the grandest style, and descended safe, with his second, about seven leagues from the spot of ascension."

You: what would you do if you were rich?
Me: Humanity work (thinking about balloon duel)

@laser “gentlemen of elevated minds” aka only high people would think this was a good idea

@laser wondering if the second guy was aiming for the first guy at all, or if the balloon was always his target. I mean, I guess something called a BLUNDERBUSS couldn't be that accurate anyway, so who knows, but a balloon certainly makes for a bigger target ...

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