Every Republican is a white supremacist.

They might say they aren't, but they 100% support white supremacist policies.


What do you call 10 people at a table with a nazi? 11 nazis.

@laser "Guilt by association". Sorry to have to say it, but whatever one's politics, this is just plain logical fallacy.

@laser Sure, no worries. I'm not looking for an argument or anything! Can provide citations re. logical fallacies, though, if that's any use to you? (Not trying to be patronising, just aware that what I alone say carries very little weight.)

@ej my logic is not phallic! I'm simply saying if you support a racist party, that makes you racist.

@laser To prevent the seriousness of the topic derailing the discussion, is it cool if we use a proxy?

For example, I nearly always vote Green: am I automatically an environmentalist, then, regardless of whatever else I believe, say, or do?

@ej listen dude, i do not want to debate your nerd ass

@laser Okies, sure. No need for name-calling, though.

@laser @ej Just want to remind everyone that THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS RACIST

@Aleums @laser @ej Ehh. I would disagree. This whole trending thread is super ‘holier then thou’. If supporting the Republican Party makes you a white supremacist because the party is racist. Then, by your own logic, supporting the Democratic Party makes you a white supremacist because it is a racist party. ... ignoring that fact speaks for itself

@ej @laser think about why you're talking the time to defend nazis.

@citrustwee @laser @ej the syntax of the proposition clearly states that it's a nazi and 10 other people in the premise so your conclusion is a strange leap not backed by your "argument." What is the argument, that someone with an undesirable trait transmits it through sharing oxygen? There's a group of people who thought this way....

guilt by association works in some contexts. Not helpful in vague / ambiguous statements : context determines meaning. Google "analytic school of philosophy".

If a racist is able to hang out with 10 non racists or anti racists, the simpler explanation is that this bad guy can hide their racist side, not that everyone else is shielding and supporting their gross racism.
@citrustwee @laser @ej sounds not like ej is defending the 1 nazi but investigating the 10 schrodingers "are they nazis or not nazis having lunch together"

@citrustwee My intent is to defend* logic, not Nazism.

I abor and reject predjudice and hatred of all kinds; this asbolutely includes Nazism.

I also strongly believe that illogic and false rhetoric are very bad things for society - even when used by people I agree with politicaly against people I disagree with politically.

(Don't want to spam loads of text so I shan't go into reasons why unless you actually want me to!)

*Although I guess maybe "promote" might be more the mot juste!

@laser im appreciating the replies cause theyre outing themselves as shitbags that i can then block. All of what you said is 100% correct

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