ICP is playing in my city and I'm trying to get my wife to get comp tickets from her work, not a joke.

@Bashabez5 I should note that i am in no way a "fan" of ICP but like, if its free?

@laser I mean, I think it'd be a fun time. I've heard they do the GWAR thing, but instead of fake blood they spray the audience with Faygo lmao.

@Bashabez5 oh hell yeah, i saw GWAR and if its anything like that I'm so down

@laser sometimes "I mean if it is free" has the same energy as "asking for a friend"

@laser hahaha if you go I fully expect live tooting of the event because what a trainwreck that'll be.

@TheLizardQueen I got shot down. I'm working on another hustle rn.

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