@spookcentral I have laughed several times at this now. Good job

@laser all 馃憢 cats 馃憢 are 馃憢 ancaps 馃憢

@JohnBrownJr @Pixley @laser

dogs are ancap. their territorial barking comes from a deep concern that the mailman is entering your property to violate the NAP.

@jackdaw_ruiz @Pixley @laser excuse me but that鈥檚 just how they play. i also shout at my friends to get the fuck out when they come to my house

@jackdaw_ruiz @JohnBrownJr @Pixley @laser this is dog slander, they are only trying to protect their community and the weakest member of the pack (the owner) from a perceived threat to previously established personal boundaries

@vulcao @JohnBrownJr @Pixley @laser

i dunnoooo... dogs also believe that peeing on things implies ownership.

that sounds like some "sovereign citizen" magical thinking nonsense, like those libertarian goobers that insist how you don't have to pay taxes if you fill out your returns in red crayon, or how courts of law have no jurisdiction over them if there's fringe on the flag.

@jackdaw_ruiz @vulcao @Pixley @laser pretty sure that鈥檚 just marking it as personal property. like licking an apple u wanna eat later for example

@applebaps @jackdaw_ruiz @Pixley @laser dog鈥檚 are ancom cats are anprim, not reading any reply鈥檚 thank u

@laser Shankly is an exception, he is a good sweet boy

@laser huh, I wonder if we can deal with other Republicans in the same way... *shakes spraybottle threateningly* abolish private property

@zagraa @laser

Seriously. The owner is a capitalist and makes their cat work to be fed. If the cat doesn't work, the cat doesn't eat.

That's animal abuse.

Putting aside the absurd notion that a cat would stoop to being a Republican...

...why the fuck did they put that sticker *right there* on their car? It's worrying me.

@laser This is ridiculous. Clearly the cat is a Demeowcrat

@laser their cat also licks its own poopy butthole, much like republicans

@laser "All cats are Libertarians. Completely dependent on others, but fully convinced of their own independence."

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