the "x" in LaCroix is there for a reason so i'm going to fucking pronounce it ok?

@laser staring at the s in Illinois and sweating bullets...

@laser if you're going that far then you may as well resolve to use the full un-contracted name, "Los Angeles Croix"

@laser I had the same impression right the first time I was told how to pronounce Bordeaux 😅😅
But apparently it’s not how it works (cc @Keltounet)

@mmokhi @laser indeed, most ending "x" are silent except when it isn't.

Lacroix / Bordeaux = silent
intox (which is a shortening for intoxication) = not silent.

French loves exceptions…

@laser Yes ! We should say "Fussk", after all, the "c" is here for a reason too !

@laser "le croi-ok" is kind of an unusual pronunciation, but you do you

@laser It's French and they're frogs so you pronounce it "la croak".

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