why do rich people even send their kids to college? like, their already rich just let them do coke on a boat or whatever,.

Was really hoping a dork would try and correct my spelling. oh well.

@laser cuz the family's gotta Accumulate more Wealth ! having more than enough is never enough

@jacethechicken right but is a gajillionaires kid *really* gonna have a hard time finding a job without yale on their resume?

@laser @jacethechicken lmao for real like they don't even find jobs they just start profiting off their dad's company when they turn 18

@laser @jacethechicken to be honest this whole thing has me baffled

am i so jaded that this is all it takes to shock people? the only notable things was that it seemed like it was cheating the "donation = acceptance" system, and that people wound up behind bars

@laser @jacethechicken like, we're all on the same page that folks went to jail because the "victims" were wealthy, right?

am i so bitter that i don't realize how shocking that would be? we didn't all assume this?

@zoey @jacethechicken
i mean yeah, it was an open secret, but it's still A+ schadenfreude

I didn't know this was supposed to be a secret. I always assumed this was going on. It was obvious to me that money doesn't mean brainpower and usually rich kids were way less motivated so if they all wound up in Yale, not all of them got in on their own. If we had to forgo opportunities because we couldn't afford them even if we had the grades, then it wasn't about merit in the first place @jacethechicken

@laser @jacethechicken it's not really about what's ont he resume, it's about making the connections with other rich and powerful people so they won't even really need to submit a resume

@vegetablegremlin @jacethechicken yeah they should have fun instead, being rich could be awesome

@laser that’s what i’d do if i was rich. it’s called good parenting

@JohnBrownJr @laser it's called "trust fund kids eventually get old enough to be a risk to catch the dad cheating on the mom so he has to get rid of them somehow"

@JohnBrownJr right? isn't that like the whole point of everything??? to just do like, whatever you want? these lucky assholes get that but still they make them waste their youth in fucking new england.

@laser it’s called a work ethic son and i don’t wanna raise some (nose)candy ass cracker!

@laser @JohnBrownJr look, if these dumbasses we're just allowed to sail, this would have never happened.

@laser a combination of le "COLLEGE EXPERIENCE" and to make more connections

@laser gotta make them "earn" it*

*start off rich and with options*

@laser for real, though. Harvard is one big dating site for these people. Find and heir/ess and make the family even richer

That guy in Dead Poets Society had to go to real school and look how it affected him. They simply are not cut out for education.

@laser its embarrassing sitting on a board without any degrees next to your name. How will you win arguments if no one respects your opinions?

But then, how would their kids maintain the illusion of meritocracy which justifies their wealth? Plus letting their kids live a life of leisure could result in them getting interested in the wrong kind of politics and we wouldn't want that, would we?

@laser legit my freshman year RA dropped out bc he realized he was already a well off white man and therefore didn’t need to do the college thing

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