Ok so one of the fyre fest organizers walked into a customs office and tried to suck dick instead of paying a fine.

Lord give me the confidence of a man that thinks he can give a $175k blowjob.

@laser no fucking way LMAO
they'd better make a movie out of this shit

@laser @Aleums i think the netflix one has people involved with fyre fest on the production staff (who are in the film without taht being noted).

@laser *reading the wikipedia on fyre fest* lol wtf

@laser A bunch of spoiled brats who spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to see Blink 182 on Pablo Escobar's seized island had it coming. They deserved it, and the Netflix documentary was glorious.

There is no comparison to Burning Man, which is basically Anarcho-Communism with a strong emphasis on decommodification. Burners know what they're getting into and pack to survive (food, water, tent, etc.) Burning Man is not a festival. It's a gathering of souls that reject the wicked world.

@WTFFlorida @laser and pay thousands of dollars to parachute in before abandoning their mess in the desert. Right, that sounds like anarcho-communism rejecting the wicked world of capitalism to me.

@laser unfortunately for the fyre fest guy, the person at the customs office had just told his wife that he was voting for kamala harris

fyre spoilers 

@Dayglochainsaw maybe not fine but just like customs tax for shipping in a shit ton of fiji water or whatever

@laser I’m glad I don’t use Google to search otherwise “fyre blow job” would be in my history. Thanks, DuckDuckGo! 🦆

@laser rewriting Indecent Proposal so Woody Harrelson gives a million dollar blowie

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