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We will defeat fascists with magic. Straight up. It might be fist magic or political magic but it's how we win.

Breakdown of my alts

@Laser is my backup
@Laser is my sadposting / too real account
@Laser is my magick/lewd account

Followback and approvals are whatever I decide they are at the time

Dad posting - ec Show more

my controversial take is that nutt is great

I still really want a black skull tattoo. Maybe not my hand but maybe my other forearm

hey, completely unrelated to anything else, here's every post i've made until maybe a week ago on my .social, bofa, knzk and current accounts:
to read the file in an easily searchable format, use:

Banned from Arby's for snorting the meat again, I thought this was America

I e been tracking up the fav no boost posts lately and I feel like I'm back in the saddle.

when Todd tore their gender out and threw it away it re-formed into me, that's why we're the same person basically

Irony Does Not Exist On The Internet. I Have Created This Instance Because I Wish To Be Worshipped.

Hi just hopping in to say Eweish is full of shit, she accused todd of using the t-slur specifically.

When that story fell apart she changed it.

Now she continues to misgender them while accusing them of being a creep which is both unfounded and wrong.

If you're going to believe this shit from her do me the favor of blocking me now thanks.

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