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Please do not screenshot me. Even if its benign. Especially if we arent mufos. Thanks.

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*on tour with the person who predicted sikh male headwear*

here I am
on the road again
here I am
up on the stage
here I go
playin star again
there I go
turban sage

Michael bloom bug whips ass *checks earpiece* wait I nuked my followers and the campaign isn't offering money any more

bofa is not shutting down. bofa was just moving to a smaller configuration because we're charged by the minute and why pay for resources we're not using.

So when you migrate then cancel it because you realize you still want your alt, you lose all your followers. Neat

You, an idiot bound to pop culture references: baby yoda could get it

Me, a ten dimensional brain genius that loves smart stuff like politics and misogyny: Menghazi

I do not, and I cant stress this enough, know what I'm doing

"y'all" means everyone but me personally. which is great because it means I can ignore a lot of bad posts

This will probably be my main soon, I'm just fuckin around for now. Feel free to follow, or not, I'll do the whole migration rigmarole eventually

can't believe that JK Rowling announced that Johnny Depp has been fired from the next Fantastic Beasts movie but his character will now be played by Morrissey.

two things i love doing is 'avin' a laugh and pandering to the UK folks

Anyway I'm finishing up my rewatch of the american office. So...

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