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@laser I would rather simply wonder why the entire world is terrible and everyone else is fucked up.

Idk but if every interaction you have with people is negative and toxic, maybe it's time to look inward

Assman and loadshitting (nut loading? Idc) are the worst two bits, possibly ever, but I still stan gothshrew

a close encounter of the fifth kind is when the alien sucks you off

reply to this and i'll tell you what video game character you are

🎵gimme the beat boy
And free my soul
I wanna get lost
In your bussyhole
And drift awaaayyyyy🎵

the numbers after a bible passage are actually its boosts and faves

I have been checking to see if my old job has been listed on Indeed or Craigslist and it has not, because they will never replace me, the bad girl of Mastodon

Should I stop using the word cuck? Probably
Am I going to? Probably not

I am very excited for the new bookmark feature to hit radtown, because it will be the only way I can find classic posts with the search function perpetually broken

Every kid that waited during the marshmallow test was a bootlicker.

Please CW all rickrolls, it is disinfo and has roots in the problematic "chan" imageboards.

has posting changed you

i asked a friend why emo guys always have issues with women in their music and she said "well have you met them? they were the losers we cheated on" and well,

raspberry pis are great because you can make them into underwhelming versions of other things

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