I don't need FRIENDS
when I have

shirt idea

@larrydavis @sexybenfranklin i got up to the part where the doctor describes what he's going to do and fucking bailed

@weatherby @sexybenfranklin
deadwood was so good

that scene is gnarly as shit and you dont even see anything

@weatherby @sexybenfranklin
of note: theres a part during it where Al yells "mother of GOOOOOOD" and it sounds like Rich Evans yelling "oh my GOOOOOOD"

@larrydavis @weatherby my kidney stone was literally the most painful thing I've ever experienced. I threw up twice.

I also met the hottest man I've ever seen because of it, so frankly, it's a wash.

@larrydavis @weatherby like I consider myself pretty straight, but my god he was handsome

@sexybenfranklin @weatherby
we're trying to talk about kidney stones and western tv shows

@sexybenfranklin @weatherby
im being polite. thats it. no more star-clicks. youre on my shit list, benny

@sexybenfranklin @larrydavis how did you get them, because i have a constant low level paranoia of developing them and I drink like 2/3 to a full gallon of water a day because of this fear

water logged 24/7 baby!

@weatherby @larrydavis the hotel had a continental breakfast so I ate a bunch of bacon and we were out and about most of the time so I didn't drink as much water. A combination of a very increased salt intake and a decreased water intake

@sexybenfranklin @larrydavis jeez it takes only that much?

I've always just drank a lot of water every day figuring it dilutes everything. when i walk i make an audible sloshing sound.

@weatherby @larrydavis I mean, i think that's what it was. It was my first time having one.

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