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homophobia, leisure suit larry review 

I want a girl
with a short skirt and
Noooooooo panties

*immediately gets kicked in the asshole 48 times by everyone in the vicinity*

What the hell was the Fratellis singer talking about when he said “cold-blooded women make me sneeze”

@larrydavis "okay, to open this menu, hold the right-hand side of the PS4 touchpad for several seconds" or having to memorize how to do things to minimize the number of loading screens

what the heck

Remember when you could just tap directions on a dpad to select options instead of guiding a shitty cursor around the screen? Fuckin hell

I’ll never forgive Destiny for the damage it’s done to game menus

Remember when you could just tap buttons instead of having to hold everything for 3 full seconds?

oops i ate a whole gallon of cool, refreshing salted water

brother, please help me, please give me some of whatever it is that makes you complete, i want whatever that wholeness that you just summoned out of nothing and put into your work. - HH

her pussy smells like taquito meat brother -hh

Damn I wonder what Doom Guy looks like under the helmet

No I never looked at the bottom of the screen when playing Doom 1 and 2, why do you ask

i will never "Chill out ". i will never "take it easy for a second alrigth. I will never have "normal amount of stress" in my life

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