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bringing in 18 horses do that i can buy a car new off the lot without paying a dime in cold hard cash

oh you lift weights in kilos? thats cute, come back when u start lifting pounds like a real man

i think the old man who lives here fills it up every night so that i don’t end up leaving him alone. think we might have to have a talk

another day on the job. sucking on the end of a rough cut up hose, emptying out a hot tub. i don’t know how much more of this i can take

Seinfeld plots from a different universe:

Mr Peterman tasks Elaine with buying an OOP Fantastic Four omnibus on eBay. Jerry and Kramer decide to bind their issues of Booster Gold. George gets a job at Image and fires Greg Rucka. Newman outbids Elaine at the last second.

Seinfeld plots from another universe:

Kramer opens a doujinshi publishing business, but runs afoul of the law. George brings Jerry to his favorite ramen shop, but they get banned due to a misunderstanding of the word “uzumaki”. Elaine buys a David Puddy dakimakura.

Seinfeld plots from another universe:

Elaine gets Jerry to marathon Puella Magi Madoka Magica with her, traumatizing Jerry. Kramer makes a mistake in his katakana lesson and insults his sensei. George gets a new Hellsing Ultimate wallscroll.

seinfeld plots from a different universe: jerry, george, and elaine go to see infinity war but can't get in; kramer and newman are having trouble finding issues to complete newman's blackest night collection

seinfeld plots from a different universe: george becomes inexplicably handsome after cutting soda out of his diet; kramer becomes an honorary furry

jerry seinfeld have me read my catgirl-in-seinfeld thread in one of your cars

apparently jerry seinfeld ran out of famous friends so he's just inviting youtubers he knows into his car, so i nominate @cosmicevan to get a coffee with jerry in his car

Tired: Aquaman movie

Wired: Mr Limpett movie

Inspired: Aquaman vs Mr Limpett movie

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