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looking forward to seeing all the detail in those sweaters...... yess please

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i wouldnt want to use an all-gender bathroom just because i dont want ladies to hear me blasting my asshole out after i ate too many mcdonalds breakfast burritos

Moving my mouth around while using an electric toothbrush and pretending I’m Peter Frampton

Did you know there was a production of Sweeney Todd starring Kelsey Grammer

joke only for people who are fans of both Oddworld and DS9, that's it, if you don't like both there's nothing for you in here. don't say I didn't warn you 

Elum Garak

hello my friend and I are continuing our weekly series Failure to Launch, looking at the launch lineups of every console... up to a point

this week: Atari Lynx and Turbografx-16!

i watch Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go To College, uncaptioned images 

the toilet water glows and bubbles and then the ghoulies come crashing through a window

did you think they would come through the toilet? don't be silly

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i watch Ghoulies 3: Ghoulies Go To College, uncaptioned images 

this on one of the many horror movie dvd sets i own. it shares a disk with CHUD II and slaughter high

idea for a DS9 episode:

mistake with the transporter transports Chief O'Brien's torso and head only. he has to live Johnny Got His Gun-style and learn to accept his new potato-man existence, and just as he makes his peace with it, Bashir finds a way to fix him. Everyone laughs

Alright look I get CWs and why they’re good but what I don’t get is some people responding to shit asking why it wasn’t cw’d and also how they cw their shit like “CW potential conflict” when they complain. You could just fuckin block bro. Being a plush furry doesn’t prevent you from just tapping that block button.

Star Track, S6E25: “The Sound of Her Voice” 

Loved this ep. it didn’t go the way I expected (I thought Lisa was an AI or something meant to distract the Defiant crew as the Dominion could stage an attack) but it’s better because of that. The crew had to confront their relationships with people close to them and reflect on how the war has changed them. O’Brien also gets to say Deanna Troi was useless.

Nice subplot with Quark and Odo too. Kira/Odo still sucks but this is the least-sucky it’s been. It was cute how Odo let Quark have his big score.


“Cell phone”, more like “self own”

Really makes you think......

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