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hello, my friend and I are back on our bull shit, continuing Failure to Launch, our look at the launch lineup of every "major" console

this week: CD-i, which presents... some challenges. But we might have found a way around it.

when you see a health item in a cutscene you know shit's about to pop off

trying to get my parents registered for a vaccine but the website just says "all appointments booked" with no note of when more will be available

all appointments for what? today? the week? who knows!

A shirt with a mindflayer on it. The mindflayer is wearing a suit and tie.

In it's hand it holds a cup of coffee.

Beneath, the image is captioned "Work Hard. Flay Hard."

hehehehe great just found out im gonna be out of a job at the end of the month 🙃

i want the Walt Disney Corporation to pay me to inject so many steroids into my ass that my face turns into that of a Dick Tracy villain

don't really care about the weight loss/muscle mass aspect. no use for it. i just want a fucked-up head. i want the kind of head that will baffle anthropologists when they dig up my dessicated corpse, still in jacking-off position like that guy from Pompeii

Keanu hasn’t even shown up yet and I am incredibly bored with this game

i would never tell anyone on mastodon about real life

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