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Every day I can’t preorder a ps5 and XSX I get a little more anxious

Just let me get in line, you ass holes. I’m gonna pay whatever it is

@larrydavis: comic book dot com is bad

Me, to myself: oh common it can't be that bad

Comic book dot com:

DC comics has gotten away with a lot of bullshit over the years but i can't believe they seriously published "joker gets an asian gf"

I just stumbled upon one of the most useful add-ons for Firefox I've ever seen. You know how so many websites try and hide the full resolution of an image, or how google image search won't direct you to the image anymore but to the page? Well this add-on bypasses all of that and automatically finds the largest version of he image on the site/CDN. It's fantastic.

Me doing the #HamiltonChallenge
I nominate Stephen Colbert , Aimee Tereese and Barack Hussein Obama

#mastodev stands for

On the task of
Venture Capitalist


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