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yaaay the 6 gigabort day one update for sekiro downloaded while i watched spider-boy, now to get in there and hack up some samurai or whatever

Stevie Ray Vaughan was so good at guitar he did shit like riff better than anyone else could and then just sang Mary Had A Little Lamb over it and released it lol

Date idea: I watch you play pachinko for two (2) hours

"All the world's indeed a stage, and we are merely players" -- Geddy Lee, 1981

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@kioskwitch spider-verse was super good. didnt need the Pills because for most of the faster scenes they did use a normal framerate. i felt a headache coming on near the end tho (in the reactor when everything is flashing super fast) but it didnt last long enough

anyway, best spider-man movie, and pretty damn high up there for superhero movies in general

The new John Wick movie has a fully nude horse in it. Just FYI, before you bring the kids.

Pitch: Movies set in the South where the location is not a plot point at all

imagine where Star Wars Kid would be now if he could have monetized that video....

i find it bizarre that anyone even sees the google doodles

why arent yall just typing your searches into your address bar, save some time

the most beautiful phrase in the italian language is :sm64_w: :sm64_a: :sm64_h: :sm64_o: :sm64_o:

The two most beautiful words in the English language:

Crusty napkin

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