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i like to boost that david byrne gif so when aliems in the future excavate my posts theyll have clear dilineations between my late night incoherent ramblings and my just-woke-up incoherent ramblings

Alright my wife says I gotta log off. Good night everybody!

@larrydavis for him to break his silence... after all these years....... thank you Sir

it will never stop being funny to me how they called Triple H "the Cerebral Assassin" when his thing was "beats people with a sledgehammer"

You Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth is him meeting the girl,
I'm Gonna Love Her for Both of Us is his idealism and hope for the relationship,
Two Out of Three Ain’t Bad is the breakup,
Bat Out of Hell is him running away from the heartbreak,
Paradise By The Dashboard Light is him reminiscing as he gets away
More Than You Deserve is a respite from his journey, but he can’t look at any women without reliving his trauma (his friends cucked him a bunch)

personally i think it's better to experience Meat Loaf as a whole instead of trying to analyze it piece by piece

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