Islamophobic Progroms are happening in France in response to a French Neonazi being beheaded 

@ksynwa @PsyChuan He acts like a Neonazi, so I am calling him one. Showing special needs kids racist cartoons is something Weev (A famous Neonazi) would do.

The "victim" needs to be shown for what he was, and that was a Nazi acting pile of shit.

just discovered i can use the keyboard to spam favourites and boosts. i am unstoppable.

If you're wondering why India is the way it is today, look no further than this cool Gandhi quote, in which he says that it was wrong

> normally for one nation to rule over another. British rule in India is evil but we need not believe that any very great advantage would accrue to the Indians if the British were to leave India. The reason why they rule over is to be found in ourselves; that reason is our disunity, our immorality and our ignorance.

this bolivian election went the same as the last one in which Morales won except the fash ran out of CIA funding lol

@ksynwa just when I thought she couldn't be more obnoxious, you reminded me Paimon talks in third person, too. Christ.

played genshin impact for a bit and it seems like i've got to play with a pre-made anime girl. wth? i thought i would get to create my own anime girl?

Pretending to use a more niche version of Linux instead of just vanilla Ubuntu, for clout

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these fuckers on bandcamp tagging their releases with every genre imaginable to increase their visibility will get the wall

anyone knows any good book/reading on how the World War 2 actually came about/what caused it/etc.? the more materialist the better but anything you've liked is appreciated.

what do you guys think if i just didn't put any audio/music in my timelapse videos? (these:

feels odd to have it silent, but i hate that part of editing and... i don't know, maybe people just want to watch it muted with their own music anyway?

leftists: religon and spirituality are important!!!!!
qanon: hello
leftists: not like that

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