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Ah, yes, come in, please have a seat. I’m here to talk with you about something called “the Fediverse”

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DNI if you are not currently looping Funkytown by Lipps Inc

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if you are over 12 years old? sorry, you'r a boomer

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catholic priest: Chickity-China
the congression, in unison: The Chinese Chicken

You’re not gonna believe this, detective... She dabbed on herself.

Body just turned up in the morgue. Looks like she got dabbed on, detective. No signs of struggle.

In 2012 I Publicly Supported The Use Of “BONEY” As Another Way Of Saying Horny And, Thru No Fault Of My Own, Was Thwarted

Mobas are the worst kinds of videogames you can play. they ruin your soul

I would like to extend a solemn and sincere thank you to anyone who has ever boosted one of my toots, that said, you were wrong to do so

in my opinion the aquabats should form a union

anyone else down for some vaporwave? [drinks robitussin and poses like a greek statue]

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