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Big frustrated with Amaroq right now. Following users works seldom, if ever. If you followed me and I never followed back, this is me saying I’m sorry, here, now and forevermore.

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Ah, yes, come in, please have a seat. I’m here to talk with you about something called “the Fediverse”

find a man whose phone doesn’t get really hot for no reason

Numbers are just dumbass letters. Windows are dumbass doors.

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Mugs are just dumbass cups. Stools? Dumbass chairs. And wasps are just dumbass bees. Once I realized these things, I knew the secrets of the universe had been revealed to me. All uncertainty is gone, and divinity is now within my grasp.

sentenced to 120 hours jort-ordered community service for failing to appear in jorts

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Jeans for the jean queen! Jorts for her jort court!

I will have the most meaningful experiences, nobody can stop me

not liking the sound of this 'joe Biden' guy

hon hon hon le mademoiselle, she will not touch my baguette. sacre bleu. - french incel

Gonna start my own instance just to set it ablaze

you give me a form for personally-identifying information. I hand you back a very good gesture drawing of a handwave

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