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Ah, yes, come in, please have a seat. I’m here to talk with you about something called “the Fediverse”

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DNI if you are not currently looping Funkytown by Lipps Inc

having one of those moods that only intellectuals have !

vegan bart simpson like

don’t have an onion man

I went to sleep early, was the line between man and beast blurred last night?

the grossest pizza is still better than the best pasta

🖥️ 🗓️ hey are the 2019 model Computers any good?

🤔❓ i have a 2017 model Computer and it still plays all the latest spreadsheets, but maybe that won't be true much longer?

i know they say buy the new Computer every year, but...

gritty drinks the poison just as I wake up to watch them die. tragic.

in 2019 we out here using every part of the buffalo

hey dudes and dudettes my name is Liam and I want YOU for my new ska band

thinkin about the miles of tunnels under Cyrodiil and wondering where i can get a piece of that sinfully dirty soil

24/7 lofi hip hop radio - smooth beats to study/relax/overthrow capitalism to

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if you are over 12 years old? sorry, you'r a boomer

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