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god, another new account. that's two whole posting histories lost to time

"what are you talking about, you barely ever posted on knzk"

i don't see how that's relevant

I had a hard time feeling like the Grinch was a villain growing up because of how much anti-capitalist gay energy he exudes

🎵 on the twelfth day of tooting the fedi gave to me

12 apes a-vaping
11 lasers posing
10 ropes a-blasting
9 cancelled admins
8 guys replying
7 birthday fakers
6 slime emojis

5 migrations

4 boosted nudes
3 faved toots
2 coochie elves
and a whole fediverse of good friends 🎵

the one thing we can all agree on is that scrappy doo is garbage

omg so i'm trying to log into my old hotmail from when i was a kid and the security question has me so fucked up, i don't understand it at all it's like it's written by charlie from iasip

The Prince of All Cosmos + The King of All Cosmos
Evil Kermit + Female Cenobite

teach a girl to fish, feed her for a day. teach a man to fish, he will try to teach fishing back at you

Holy shit Pitpull did a meme mashup with Toto's Africa, and it made it onto the fuckin Aquaman soundtrack ??? I thought this was a joke when I heard it, it made me legitimately cackle.

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ffaving toots embarassingly quickly is my job and i love it

Real wish you had a therapist hours who up

Jaekelopterus rhenaniae aka ancient monster sea scorpion awareness/appreciation thread

the whole fediverse seems brighter and cheerier now that knzk is back... the people are happier, birds are singing, flowers are in bloom, the horses are more regular than ever

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