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god, another new account. that's two whole posting histories lost to time

"what are you talking about, you barely ever posted on knzk"

i don't see how that's relevant

that’s me in the corner
that’s me in the spotlight
skanking like a villain

Twitter: everyone is mad and I don't know why so I guess I'm going to be mad too
Mastodon: everyone is talking about dildos and I don't know why so I guess I'm going to talk about dildos too


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I’m the bone police and I’m afraid I’m gonna have to confiscate all ur bones. Sorry they’re evidence in a bone crime.

linguists are recognizing rules of texting and posting emerge as linguists do (prescriptivism is a dump)

so its formally recognized that all-lowercase unpunctuated speech is familiar

and Sometimes things are capitalized for Some Reason

and ending a sentence in a period sounds angry.

What about when you end it after a beat with a standalone exclamation point? Input appreciated

thanks !

The Swan Princess: The Mystery of the Enchanted Bepis (1998)

Reminder to everyone still working three dead-end jobs dog-walking, Uber-driving, grocery-running, adjunct-educating, hoping to win the killer-app lottery living in a coffin apodment or parents' closet, United Airlines aircraft engineers living in vans in $4000 rent cities, 70-year-old retirees going back to work in Amazon sweatshops sardine-packed 5 families to a house, and the other 60% of America in poverty after adjusting for rent/health care costs, as the biosphere dies.

Fuck Capitalism

Hello. My name is Luna, I'm a handicap transgirl from the midwest, and me and my boyfriend arent gonna be able to make payments on the house next month.
I won't be able to live comfortably for a while if this happens. Parents are unresponsive. Please consider:

sorry again, ran out of money for food/travel

i wanted to buy meds too but that’s off the table, i think
hmu if you wanna help a disabled transgirl out

If you upload torrents of videos and don't package subtitles along with them then we are enemies.

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