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jfc the bird on here gave me a spook

I'm just a guy who likes knives and birds...and that's valid.

Some days you’re the car, some days you’re the very small tunnel.

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I just learned that the first song recorded at Abbey Road was a phonograph pressing of Edward Elgar’s “Pomp and Circumstance” aka the graduation song everyone knows besides that one by Vitamin C

Now that I've revealed that I'm a lingering homestuck, I have no other option than to pitch myself off a cliff and let my legacy fade into the abyss

I would like to formally apologize to @DMX. I have searched my soul and must come to the realization that Homestuck doesn't exist and any sort of inadvertent reference is purely my own projection. I am truly sorry.

(a future cyberarcheologist, analyzing my toots) by the dialectic content and base, animal humor, this person was obviously a giant baby

(me, from the grave) yeah, I'll give you that

with the amount of good posts I generate, I should definitely have a sponsorship by now

*gets sponsored by a diaper company* ahh, fuck, but go off

further reduction: wish I was paid millions of dollars

wish I was Gordon Ramsay so I could be paid millions of dollars to yell at people

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So many things would be cool if they weren’t stupid

Like the phases of the moon or the cyclical nature of human history, Joe Camel once again emerges from the archives of yesteryear to spark a fresh round of sexual awakening

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The Incredible Lightness of Being Right Online

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