Chopping wood outside my remote cabin, I hear a noise at the tree line. When I look up, there he is. It’s Bigfoot and he is absolutely hanging dong.

@Louisa I guess I’ll wave hello, just to be neighborly.

@Louisa @cuttlefish @Thomas @ItsJenNotGabby I just wanted to bring us all together in the context of the original post.

@king @cuttlefish @Thomas @ItsJenNotGabby I'm trying to be more restrained about the whole Bigfoot in the woods situation

@Louisa @cuttlefish @Thomas @ItsJenNotGabby look, as long as you would acknowledge that bigfoot would smell worse than anything you have ever encountered. Just horrible.

@Louisa @cuttlefish @Thomas @ItsJenNotGabby Louisa I’m not really there either, Bigfoot has never visited my remote cabin

@Louisa @cuttlefish @Thomas @ItsJenNotGabby I regret to inform you that I do not have a rustic cabin either. I beg your forgiveness

@Louisa I can't believe you didn't burst into flames from this lie

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