important takeaways from this video:

-deplatforming and breaking up communities where Nazis congregate is very important. People get radicalized mostly by communities, not by individuals.

-deradicalizing is good, but it shouldn't be your whole praxis

-arguing and factually disproving people radicalized by these communities does nothing; he's where he is because that community makes him feel welcome, and Facts don't care about his Feelings

just watched the newest Alt Right Playbook, and god fucking damn that's a good video. watch the whole series, but especially watch this one.

I am way more excited to play these than I have any right to be

i am prepared to campaign and start a movement to get the pot leaf emoji on this instance

if you agree and want it too, boost this toot and make your own with the following hashtag

maybe if we get it trending we'll get it!

[BOT POST] politics, probably gonna delete this 

Hey y’all I’m all for legalizing every drug from kratom to meth but DON’T FUCKIN INJECT SHIT INTO YOUR BODY UNLESS A DOCTOR TELLS YA TO

@eightbitsamurai yeah it turns out he's living in a real bad way, and him facing up to that is the most important part.

Anyways bring back SPvtW but as a mini series this time, the movie was great but I'd love something that goes deeper into the comics, plus i feel like people would appreciate it more now on Netflix or hulu or whatever

And re-license the game you fuckin clowns

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