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Figured out how to host my own pleroma instance (I tried doing mastodon, but it was too difficult, maybe later I will figure out how)

You can find me at

If you want an invite, message me on my new account (POC only, no exceptions).

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The western left, and really all westerners, need to be criticized a lot more for being ineffective and more worried about fixing america for americans rather than destroying america for all of humanity.

If westerners had taken effective action back in 2003 there would have been no Iraq "war". Instead they worshiped nonviolence and other liberal garbage, so the invasion took place.

They have no excuse for being anything less than overtly and overwhelmingly violent against a system which destroys the rest of us for their benefit.

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Micah Xavier Johnson: Black martyr.

In 2016 he shot and killed members of the white race: white cops.

On July 7, 2016 (5 days after his 25th birthday) he went downtown and started gunning down whites. He killed 5 white cops and injured 7.

He had tried to join resistance groups, but they had been hostile to him, so he took matters into his own hands.

After a 4 hour standoff the coward white cops who were too afraid to confront him 1 on 1 attached a bomb to a bomb disposal robot, drove it to him, and killed him. This was the first time a robot was used like this.

He did all of this with a single ak47 and one pistol.

After his martyrdom almost every single activist and every single leftist group began spewing hate at him side by side with the white supremacy, helping to smear his name and his righteous action.

Here's footage of him using his intelligence to outmaneuver and gun down a cop:

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You whites want to have an opinion on others?

Fix your own house first.

Here's what fixing your house would look like:
1 going back to europe immediately.
2 giving reparations to all humans.
3 stop breeding, theres already 1 billion of you on the planet, seriously its enough.
4 disarm the nazis first, then kill them, then disarm yourself.
5 stay in europe.

Im sure Im missing some steps, but you can always get started with this and well figure out the rest later.

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All of mastodon is just a giant safe space for white fragility.

But unlike twitter and facebook where nazis are at least honest and call me a sand nigger to my face, over here the white left pats themselves on the back about how People of Color are welcome with one hand, with the other theyre busy reporting my posts, sending out warnings, muting me from all of mastodon, blocking me from their instances.

That is when theyre not busy spreading lies about those of us who live in first world countries like China, Iran, Cuba: countries that handled the coronavirus and have free healthcare, actually existing socialism, actively resist imperialism, and are the closest thing the world has to hope.


Figured out how to host my own pleroma instance (I tried doing mastodon, but it was too difficult, maybe later I will figure out how)

You can find me at

If you want an invite, message me on my new account (POC only, no exceptions).

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The right likes to make themselves identifiable, they love uniforms and pseudo uniforms. That is exploitable.

confronting white supremacy 

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The Latin Kings I ran with had a Philosophy, "they jump one of yours you jump ten of theirs, they stab one of yours you stab ten of theirs, they shoot one of yours you shoot ten of theirs, and if they kill one of yours then you kill ten of theirs."

They are still around alive and kicking while many other strong gangs during my youth fell, and it is because of this philosophy partially. This is how fash need to be dealt with.

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Fash never grew up around real gangs, they are soft middle class suburbanites. They never seen a home shot up or targeted assassinations. Fash are not ready for real unconventional warfare.

my opinion on whites 

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personally i love going on twitter and looking at things that i know will make me angry

Really funny twitter thread of some white male having a meltdown because bernie dropped him due to his critiques of biden.

The meltdown does not involve him realizing bernie is a bad guy. He is defending bernie and "his movement".

I wish I had a twitter account so I could mock him.

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@pizza_party all keyboards should have braille!!!! make it easy to learn both braille and where keys are!!

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did you know that the israeli state calculates the bare minimum amount of nutrients/calories that they think palestinians need to survive, so that they can let exactly that much and no more food into the gaza strip?

they don't want people to be literally starving to death because that would be bad for Israeli PR but literally not a hair more than bare subsistence levels of food is permitted

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@jess maybe if we burned down their shitty offices they'd trash their ICE contract


american universities have fired 54 scientists after claiming they are spying for other countries.

82% of those investigated are asian men.

"One of the most distinguished scientists of our time", a 60 year old white man, head of the chemistry dept at harvard was charged with working for a foreign govt because he got some research funding from China.

Out of 399 scientists that the fbi investigated, only 20% of them were considered innocent.

This is extremely good news for the whole planet because
1. the american scientific community will be destroyed as this is effectively banning them from international work and collaboration
2. foreign scientists with even a little intelligence will not come to america anymore due to the new de facto laws
3. they are going to add more red tape to government funded science making it even harder to do research
4. america's best researchers are foreigners who will now be in a nonstop panic, negatively affecting their work

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RT @benjaminnorton
@DRovera @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR "Human rights" NGOs are a joke.

This is a "senior crisis response advisor" for Amnesty International, pushing for the US military to attack Iraq even more than it already does (the US killed a top Iraqi military commander and is illegally occupying Iraq)

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RT @benjaminnorton
@DRovera @CJTFOIR @SOJTFOIR Billionaire-funded "Human Rights Watch" lobbies for more US sanctions on leftist governments in Latin America while Amnesty International staffers want more US military attacks on Iraq

"Human rights" NGOs for war

The southern transitional council (a uae proxy political organization) seized 64 billion rials (250 million USD) from saudi proxy militants.

The stc claims it was seizing money that was going to terrorism.

The stc and the saudis were allies who both faught the houthis. Over the past few years, the saudis and emiratis have been becoming increasingly hostile towards each other.

Casey Brezik is a black revolutionary, a political prisoner, who tried to assassinate an american governor in 2011 when he was only 22 years old. He couldn't kill the governor, instead he slashed the throat of the dean of his school.

The Americans sent him to a mental hospital for 2 years to extend his punishment before beginning trial, labeled him paranoid schizophrenic, and gave him 12 years in prison.

He is eligible for parole in November this year though he will likely be trapped there until he serves the whole sentence.

Anarchists did a fundraiser for him and then completely forgot about him after 2016.

He is studying to be an engineer, though he cannot afford the classes. He still hopes for anarchism and dreams of building a free society in space: he considers it more probable to launch anarchists in space and build anarchy there than achieving anarchist revolution on Earth.

The reason why capitalist govts always fail is because they show up with an economic program and try to force everyone to submit to the program. It is built from the top down.

We don't fail because we first go to the average person to find out their problems and then create an economic program from there. It is built from the ground up.

Example: capitalism: it was not built to solve peoples problems. It was built to ensure the most powerful could stay powerful and grow more powerful.

Socialism: it was built as a response to common problems of normal people, like lack of money, healthcare, education, etc.

So when a capitalist govt has power, they try to convince people that capitalism will somehow solve their problems. But it won't.

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There is confusion about the arrest of Alex Saab: Yes he was born in Colombia, but Venezuela gave him citizenship after politically motivated charges by Colombia.

So Interpol is acting as US police, arresting a Venezuelan trying to get food and medicine for the Venezuelan people

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