the new ultraphone 7 is sleek, sexy, and slender. it's got a gorgeous glass finish that would make anyone fall in love at first sight. an adorable USB-C port sits at the bottom of the device. the top right houses an incredibly fuckable headphone jack

You know how some sounds just dig into your ears and stay there forever? The WUHPS. HAHA video did that for me

screen reader bad, long transcript 

WUHPS! HAHA! Didnt know this was on

¿whats ~popping~?




tslitinhere HUH HAHA!


şf͕̩̳̪̺̗͍u̳͓̯̳úc̠̼k̵̞͈͙̙ its. hot. as. fuck. in. here, take. theHOODIE off näh keep. iton its cuteasfuuck.

Nah but for real. Shout.out. Shout.out FOLLOWERS HAHA!



Doing a shoutout for all. if youre following it, OH! Fuck! Can't wai to meetup.





the Statue of Liberty inscription, "Give me your tired, your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free," but it's about twinks. Send twinks.

someone just reported another user for posting “kill terfs” and it’s like. buddy. where do you think you are right now?

When you die, Anubis weighs your posting history against the cloud and judges whether you can enter the blockchain.

What if we market tulip bulbs as a hip retro cryptocurrency?

gonna go to sleep now tomorrow is a gigantic day

(not really its still great and its no ones fault its slow)

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more like witches.dive

(it took a dive in reliability (I am disappointed))

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