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dodoooooooooooo dodo dodo dodo dodooooooooo dodo dodooooooooooo dodo dodoooooooooooooo

All music is folk music because all music is written by folks, so, I don’t really understand that designation

can i get a goddamn timpani roll to start this goddamn song

but i had 2 cups of orange juice in my hands and i said "i can't, cause look i've got 2 cups of orange juice in my hands"

Inside you there are two wolves. One is objectively shitty

i dreamt that i saw shobaleader one and i woke up and now i’m sad

i guess it's another listen-to-the-second-half-of-a-moon-shaped-pool-at-1am kinda night huh

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(2) everyone on here is just trying their best, so let's treat them with love and respect, regardless of if you truly think they deserve it, cause you know what?? every single person on here deserves love and respect and happiness, so let's make it fuckin happen people. tell a stranger they're beautiful. tell your friends you love them. reach out to those who seem lonely. give love generously and without expectations. just be nice fucking people, okay?

people who people with
know what's no idea what's
goin on going on


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