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I'm gonna take my pants to the old town education

now accepting friendship applications!!!!! fill out this simple form to become friends with me!

@yo course there's still that one dude that uses his like xbox gamer headset for a mic and it sounds like he's talking through a scarf into a bag of doritos

i am 27/60 of the way through obra dinn it is so good holy shit

hi this is my first non-smartwatch since 2013 and i really like it

furries are straight up about the truly bizarre fetishes they have, theater kids love to hide their sick desires behind putting on a local production of a rejected andrew lloyd webber musical about watches or whatever

its 2019, i respect furries far more than theater kids. at least they're honest and true to their heart.

if the razr is so good why isn't there a razr 2

is it just me or does the tl smell like updog today

i keep forgetting about for how long and every time i hear it i'm like o fuck

a rock 

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