saying that the goal of a trans experience is to be stealth is not only laughably binary thinking but also ignores the history of queer identity. queer and trans people have always fought to be radically visible. liberation happens not when we are able to pass unseen, but when we are seen, acknowledged, and welcomed.

fuck trans apologists that use “good trans” folks as examples to soothe those uncomfortable with trans identity. passing should not be a requisite for acceptance. if you’re not fighting for all queer and trans folks then you’re part of the problem.

@juicebat For me, I think, "passing" would feel like just a different type of being closeted

@fourelephants @juicebat yupppp... this. i didn't come out of one closet to go hide in another.

@juicebat my only gripe is i don't want to be fighting for blaire white and miranda yardley and jessica yaniv because all of them are trash, irrespective of their incidentally being trans

but ::sigh:: if i must…

@juicebat I feel like I'm in the strange position of personally kinda wanting to pass (in part just for the fun of shocking people when I drop my voice three octaves), while also realizing that that's 100% a bullshit cisnormative standard that should be torn to the ground and then buried

@NightRose @juicebat I think it's important to remember that that goal of *some* trans experiences *is* to pass, and it's okay to want that. We can burn cishet bullshit to the ground while still getting to fulfill what we want from our transitions at the same time, regardless of what that is - doesn't have to be one or the other 😸

@V @NightRose absolutely. this post isn’t anti-passing, it’s a reminder that we’re fighting for trans acceptance, not for tolerance. 👍

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