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having breakfast at Buca di Beppo.... wondering how much money I’d have to slip the host to let me sit in the pope room

tonight my father is apparently blazed out of his gourd and posting every single picture of his dogs he can find on Facebook with the caption “this is my friend”

slightly gross 

I have to go to Atlantic City later today and I wish I didn't

just saw a really bad political comic that was so bad it ruined my entire weekend

the counter guy is pointing to where it is on the kids menu but the adult is apparently like a dog who will look not at what you’re indicating but at your finger

they are with a child that wants a quesadilla, knows what a quesadilla is and has presumably had one from Chipotle before, but the adult is skeptical about what it is and doesn’t see it on the menu, and the child is about 6 so she can’t explain it

my curse of being stuck in line at Mexican fast food restaurants continues, currently waiting at a Chipotle behind someone who does not understand what quesadillas are

I haven’t changed my twitter display name from “bonkers in Yonkers” since I moved to the fediverse, and it’s cool because every once in a while some DeplorableTammi1953 will reply to an old tweet with a variation on “you really are bonkers”

health (~) 

health (~) 

casually refilling the office water cooler with one arm to the amazement of all, thanks to my marching tuba handling skills

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