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I like when everyone’s weighing in on some controversy I can’t find the genesis of because most of the time it’s like 10 people all shouting “gentle reminder that you should NOT eat tear a leaf out of your book and eat it when you’ve finished reading the page” at a naughty ghost

@tasnyx is it a detective who is a ferret, or a detective who solely solves ferret and ferret-adjacent cases like an even more precious Nero Wolfe

"No, kitty. It's my pot pie."
-- Eric Cartsman, "South Park"

dentistry (~) 

@healyn the best is when you're minding your own business and suddenly you're bowled over by a tsunami of acrid piss stink

blurry cat photos are probably my favorite kind of internet content

@yogthos the best example of that is probably the people who are commuting 2+ hours each way to look at a computer screen in downtown San Francisco

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