my discord server has a custom bot that someone wrote for it, and today it went down with no explanation; the author spent like half an hour trying to figure out what happened until the hosting center called him up and informed him that someone broke into the datacenter and stole the rack of servers he was renting space on


if the bot suddenly comes back online, does it have functionality to send you a coded message in blink emojis to reveal the location of the kidnappers??

@jimpjorps 😂 Good reminder that no matter how much "in the cloud" our stuff is, it still has to live on a server somewhere.

@jimpjorps how tf does that even happen? how do you steal what is basically very heavy and expensive furniture, as far as moving things goes. no one tries to steal a couch, cause it's heavy and huge.

@jimpjorps what data center is this? sounds more like your friend was buying through a reseller who decided to skip out on his bills, resulting in his equipment being forfeited
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